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Egudu forex peace

egudu forex peace

Peace. Progress Journal, 1, 1. Farmer, R. (, January/February). The benefits of historical study. The Social Studies. peace studies in Korea, Nicaragua, Tunisia, Ukraine and Venezuela. has seeped into popular culture (in "Over There," the FX show about the Iraq war. Okafor, R.C., Nwokike, A., Eziechi, C., Egudu, J., (). son even though he is only eight years brings her peace of mind. Through this blessing from. HORSE RACING BETTING LAWS

Our policies are supposed to be the same. So long as you are APC, that is your programme and project, that is your government and you are bound to make it succeed. He explained that the aim was to ensure that power is divested to younger generation in a way that allows them to participate in the process. The N82 billion, according to the judgment must be paid within 14 days, after which eight per cent interest will be accruable on the principal sum annually.

The oil spillages, the plaintiffs had claimed badly affected their environment as well as destroyed their means of livelihood which was mainly fishing and farming. Delivering judgment in the matter, Justice Taiwo held that the American oil company and NNPC were negligent in the way and manner they handled oil spills that caused environmental degradation in the communities.

He particularly took swipe at the NNPC for being interested in the revenue generations from oil exploration at the expense of the lives of the people of the communities. The judge held that the oral and documentary evidence adduced by the plaintiffs supported their claims that lives were made miserable for them when their waters and land were polluted through crude oil leakages from old oil pipelines belonging to the defendants.

The judge described as unreliable the witnesses called by Mobil, adding that for no reason they became evasive during cross examination by counsel to the plaintiffs. The court further held that both Mobil and NNPC were negligent when they failed to visit farmlands, rivers and creeks said to have been contaminated by the oil leakages from their pipelines. Justice Taiwo also rejected the claims of the NNPC that the suit was statute-barred in when it was filed by the aggrieved plaintiffs.

The judge consequently awarded the sum of N It directed that customers travelling to and from Lagos and Abuja would not be accepted for travel, while those who have been to — or connected through — Nigeria in the last 14 days would not be permitted to board from any other point to the UAE. The airline said that daily passenger flights to Johannesburg would operate as EK, but outbound passenger services on EK remained suspended.

It added that customers who have been to or connected through South Africa in the last 14 days would not be permitted on any Emirates flights bound for Dubai. It also advised Nigeria passengers to either keep their tickets for future flights or rebook flight to another date. Umar Gwandu, the appointment is for a fresh tenure of five years. The statement added that Buhari has already directed that the names of the nominees be forwarded to the Senate for confirmation. The protest was led by the convener of RevolutionNow movement, Mr.

Omoyele Sowore. Similar protests were staged across the country during the June 12 Democracy Day celebrations. Some of the protesters claimed they could not even burn tyres because there was no fuel to do so due to the high cost of petrol.

She, however, said the situation was later brought under control by police operatives within the area. Speaking to journalists in Abuja, the Publicity Secretary of the faction, Mr. Chukwunyere specifically said the Oye faction did not duly notify INEC on the plan to hold ward congresses ahead of the governorship poll within the 21 days recommended by its regulations and Section 85 of the Electoral Act. In one of the letters, obtained by THISDAY, the commission addressed his position to the principal counsel of a law firm, Omas and Partners, who had earlier written and asked for the information while relying on the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.

Accordingly, the commission did not monitor the said ward congress and as such, there is no monitoring report of the Commission. Happy Birthday then, our emerged literary patriarch and icon of the humanities. Welcome to more industry in your restless search for answers and solutions to our world of chaos and incoherence.

So much has been said already of your many exploits as a teacher, public intellectual, creative and theatre artist, translator, biographer and humanist. That, dear friend, is the area in which you have transferred and renewed cultures to inform the world about us and inform us about the world. This is a rare role for which you must be hurray-ed. Unfortunately, nobody has sent you, or those before you, on such a noble journey.

And so, that task is unacknowledged, as I began to say, by the state, mainly of course, because if you asked them, right from the beginning, they will not confess it, but they seldom appointed our men of culture to be their image- makers outside of our shores. So if our cultural creators and practitioners have, as many of them have —Hubert Ogunde and his troupes across West Africa, Duro Ladipo, with the help, guide and support of that cultural boundarysmasher, Ulli Beier-- played the role of our cultural ambassador in Germany.

And of course since the mid- fifties, as a student and fresh graduate till he won the Nobel Prize for Literature, the first one by Blackman, Wole Soyinka has carried the image of Nigeria across the world even at moments when the notion was at its most abjured and contemned during the Abacha Gulag days. He stays here and goes there to build in both ways. In the last four decades, he has traversed the world stage, almost like the modern Alarinjo, with his plays, poems and essays.

In the Caribbean he has mounted the stage in Trinidad. In Canada at York. In China, he has been teaching, researching, developing curriculum, and opening minds to African modern theatre. With his primal soul-mate, Biodun Jeyifo, he had started a course in African theatre and drama at the Peking University in China to the delight and enthusiasm of Chinese students—helping to develop postgraduate programmes and getting some Nigerian academics to do sabbatical there.

This is where he has written some of his more recent scripts and laundering the image of Nigeria, largely un-appointed, thanklessly, long after he was awarded the Nigerian National Order of Merit! Given his kind of global engagements, it is to be expected that he would engage in reading and re-interpreting literary texts and works —from the classics to the contemporary- imbuing them with new meanings, new philosophies, new aesthetics and new ideologies in a way that brings the world closer together, not in the strict sense of globalization, or even Glocalization, but for narrowing differences in cultures, expounding mutual understanding of inter-cosmic essences, and in the humanizing process of the universe.

Beginning from textual oral history and mythology of African texts, Osofisan has made dialectical re-interpretation of the works of the First Generation of Nigerian writers—especially, Wole Soyinka and Clark Bekederemo. Speaking at a conference of certified engineers, The Nigerian Society of Engineers Ikeja Branch, Lagos state, the chief electrical officer of the Federation disclosed that some of the electrical equipment currently being used were installed 20 years back, saying the ongoing power sector reforms is addressing holistically the standardization of power equipment to restore steady supply.

He warned that excess load on the 33kv line will lead to the total collapse of the system, since it was meant to transmit power to sub-injection stations, recommending a feeder unit to be provided if consumers especially manufacturing industries must be connected to the 33 kv line, which is a conveyor of power to injection stations. He said standard network practice, design and operations must be adhered to in the practice of electrical engineering, especially as it concerns the national grid, which if allowed to collapse will lead to a total black out in the country.

Ewesor lamented the lack of cohesion amongst major actors in the industry, which allows uncertified contractors and engineers to infiltrate the power sector, and introduced sub-standard works that cause havoc and fire outbreak that leads to destruction of lives and property.

On metering, he said, the federal government is currently distributing one million meters to electricity consumers across the country, while about four million meters are yet to be delivered for distribution, under the National Mass Metering Proramme, and the meter asset provider regulation to address short supply of power. He disclosed that about three indigenous electrical companies assemble meters in Nigeria; some of the companies are doing knock down assembly, while some are doing semi knock down.

Among other requirements of this policy, Conformity Assessment bodies are required to secure accreditation in relevant standards related to their services, processes and operations. Nigerian Electricity Management Services management as part of their commitment to quality services to her customers, therefore obtained accreditation to relevant standards related to its mandate.

In other to provide a solid framework and consolidate on the inter-agency cooperation NEMSA and NiNAS, both entered into a Memorandum of Understanding which focuses on training and accreditation among other services. This MOU is quite remarkable and unique because NiNAS through trainings and services will provide the needed support and facilitate processes that will enhance institutional systems improvement, compliance to international best practices, and global recognition that will ensure the efficient production, delivery of safe, reliable and sustainable electricity power supply and guarantee safety of lives and property in Nigerian.

On the same note, the incumbent government of President Muhammadu Buhari says it has invested N1. According to government, the aim is to increase generation to 11,MW by and 25,MW by in partnership with Siemens. If so, the regime has a lot on its plate. Idle power is one of them. That is a paradox since Nigeria has an acute electricity deficit. However, the ongoing power sector reforms, especially the re-visiting of refurbishing and upgrading electricity and power infrastructure by NEMSA, enjoying the cooperation of stakeholders and all Nigerians will lay to rest some of the electricity supply challenges besetting the country for many decades now.

Again, the Chief Electrical Officer of the Federation has called on actors in the industry to comply with regulations and guide lines, saying the agency will at all-time carry out enforcements that will bring erring players to submission, especially at this critical point of revamping the sector after setbacks caused by incompetence and sub-standard materials. He clearly noted that the sector is on the part of growth in the present circumstance in-spite of the enormous challenges across its sectorial reforms, saying all regulatory and technical agencies in the power sector are working together right now to fix power and deliver same to consumers in rural and urban areas.

Ewesor, who is an author of two electrical and technical books, disclosed that his collections can be found in the library of some Nigerian Universities to expose students in the faculty to the practicality of electrical services globally. Three of them were later charged with one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, two with one count of conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud and the last with one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud.

A month later, another Nigerian was charged for mail fraud, attempted mail fraud, and mail and wire fraud conspiracy, in connection with an advanced fee fraud scheme using social media to target elderly victims. While cyber criminals in some other countries are using their negative skills for espionage and technology theft, their Nigerian counterparts are using their skills to defraud individuals and companies mostly to display obscene wealth.

But it is not only abroad that these people perpetrate their criminal activities, they also do it at home. Those individuals are often members of transnational criminal organisations, which originated in Nigeria but have spread throughout the world. The law criminalises a variety of offences — from ATM card skimming and identity theft to possession of child pornography. It imposes, for instance, seven-year imprisonment for offenders of all kinds and additional seven years for online crimes that result in physical harm, and life imprisonment for those that lead to death.

But like almost every law in the country, there is the problem of enforcement. In addition, we must build the capacity for local law enforcement. Interested readers may send such letters along with their contact details to opinion thisdaylive.

We also welcome comments and opinions on topical local, national and international issues provided they are well-written and should also not be longer than words. They should be sent to opinion thisdaylive. The congresses are critical because of the nature of the APC - a conglomerate of diverse interests and competing blocs. The presidency politics will be highly embedded in the congresses and the national convention.

All the blocs and interest groups will flex their muscles in order to have an upper hand in the wards and local government congresses. The game will climax in zonal and national conventions. In Nigerian politics, the formation of the National Working Committee NWC of political parties during the national convention is mainly a product of consensus rather than competition, but interest groups will still try to have an upper hand.

This is normal in political parties and most common in Nigeria. The big question is; what is the position of the Progressive Governors and President Muhammadu Buhari? This is very key because all the interest groups know that the position of Buhari and sometimes that of the governors ultimately determines who gets what. This is also common in Nigerian party politics, though not a written rule, but it is generally accepted.

The position of the president is the deciding factor. The APC governors may succeed with their schemes, because, come , the APC has no reason to retain presidential power in the north. Besides, the ruling party has no strong presidential candidate from the north.

So, keeping the Buni committee keeps the control of the party within their grip. The best and the most strategic option for APC is to elect people to manage the party before the elections. There are some candidates from the northeast and northcentral who have shown interest in leading the APC. All of them are strong candidates and are being promoted by many groups and bigwigs. All these hopefuls are highly qualified- but politics, consensus and interests will determine the emergence of the new NWC of the APC.

There are rumors that one of the candidates from the north central is being promoted by Ahmed Bola Tinubu, who seems to be carving a bloc to promote his clinching of the APC presidential ticket. This is not strange, because many people seeking to be a member of the NWC are being promoted by one interest or individual or a bloc.

The forthcoming APC congress and national convention will be a make or mar for the party if consensus failed and one interest bloc hijacks the key positions because of the politics presidency. APC must align the membership composition of the NWC with its strategies for the presidential election.

For instance, it must look for youths to fill some positions and that of the vice-presidential candidate in particular. Zayyad I. The flagpole, which stands at The project was designed and fabricated by a team of Nigerian engineers. Its foundation is about eight metres deep and is subjected to wind analysis. The Chairman of Malam Alu Agro Company, Hon Farouk Adamu Aliyu, said the 70 hectares farm settlement boasts of , birds, cows, a 40 tonnes per hour fertilizer blending plant and a greenhouse that produces between 15 and 20 tons of tomatoes per week.

He said the hoisting of the flag has furthered the effort of uniting the country and instituted the spirit of patriotism among Nigerians, while also promoting tourism and other sites in Jigawa State as well as helping to improve the local economy around those locations.

The Director-General of the National Commission for Museum and Monuments, Prof Abba Tijjani, said a mini museum would be built around the site, while the process of making the flagpole a national monument would soon be initiated by the federal government. Speaking at the occasion, the Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, described the project as a clear testimony to the success of the agricultural revolution embarked upon by the President Muhammadu Buhari administration.

A statement by the commission said the suspects, alongside Obialor Christian Worenwu now at large , allegedly approached an investment company, Luxury Gold, for an investment loan facility. The third suspect, Worenwu, who is at large also received the sum of N, , in his GT Bank account. Osinbajo gave this assurance during a virtual interaction yesterday with representatives of the OPS led by its Chairman, Mr. Adeniyi said there has been a general optimism especially among medium-scale businesses that the AfCFTA will generate positive effects on the Nigerian economy.

Faruk Yahaya, yesterday ordered troops on the frontline to sustain the momentum of attacks on insurgents. However, all efforts by the petitioner to make the suspects repay the loans granted them proved abortive. The anti-graft agency said investigations revealed that the suspects, who were arrested sometime in June , diverted the money obtained from Luxury Gold for their personal use and also bought cars, jewelry and landed properties.

Our role is to make it easy for the sector to operate, and we are committed to that. Lanre Lasis quoted him as saying this at the progressives youth conference organised by the APC in Abuja yesterday. Godwin Emefiele. Acting on credible intelligence, the troops with close air support from the Nigerian Air Task Force component swiftly carried out a simultaneous land and air offensive, penetrating deep into Lamboa forest in Borno State.

It said troops also captured heavy fire weapons and arms, including three anti-aircraft guns, three AK rifles and two gun trucks, aside two other gun trucks that were destroyed by the troops. The statement said the terrorists attempted to infiltrate the camp. Following the fierce confrontation, the Chief of Army Staff, Major General Faruk Yahaya, ordered troops to sustain the momentum of attacks.

He enjoined the troops to sustain the ongoing offensive under Operation Hadin Kai until the insurgents were completely surmounted. The COAS reiterated the commitment of the Nigerian Army under his leadership to bring terrorism and insurgency to an end in the North-east.

Asks Davidson Iriekpen Buhari. Momoh parents ofRosemary in JS1A. May God bless you all! Bookings are from now until the 20th of February The teller may then be taken to Mrs. We thank our evervibrant Lagos PTA for making this convenient andcost-effective arrangement for our parents. The parents of our SS-3 students wereexpected to have discussed choice of courses anduniversities with their children before and duringthe Christmas holiday. They should also note thatJAMB has adjusted registration fees upward.

The Administrative Charge is also nowN1, The total amount is therefore N6, For furtherclarifications, please contact Mr. GabrielEgudu of the Counselling department. We wisheach of them a successful tenure. Philip DS 10, Forty—seven students took the exam. With theresults of the interview released, four studentshave been offered partial scholarship.

Michaels, Wales, a sisterinstitution to Bosworth Independent College. Congratulations to the short listed students. SamsonUwaila and Mr. Gabriel Egudu. Ironically, Xavier has themost number of players in the school team! At the age of 79, Fr. Kolvenbach presented his resignation to his Jesuitbrothers during the on-going 35th General Congregation of the Jesuits taking place in Rome.

We havenow elected Fr. And we are all very happy with the choice. Originally from Spain, Fr. At the age of 71, his field of study is theology and has been engaged in much parish work in Tokyo. The new Fr. Our application forms were available for completionat this site between November 1st and1st February The application phase istherefore effectively over. We are however grantinga concession provided that the late applicationsare completed and registered locally atLoyola Jesuit College campus.

Such candidates submitting late applications must also selectLoyola Jesuit College Abuja as their test centerand pay a late entry fee. When a prospective candidatehas thus applied through the college website,the information captured in the onlinesystem is similar to that on the abolished paperapplication form.

Unless the candidate completesall the fields on the displayed form, it would beimpossible to print out the form. Theemail to the parents will contain a link to enablethem view a copy of the completed applicationform. The system will also simultaneously displaya printable version of the form containing all theinformation the candidate has entered.

At thisstage, the candidate must print a hard copy of thecompleted application form. The completed application form, bearing thepassport photographs, should then be handed tothe registration centre. After payment at the registrationcenter, the candidate is issued a unique ExaminationNumber. The mainform is then left with our representative at theregistration center, while the candidate retains theexamination admission ticket to be presented onthe day of the entrance examination. We have our past entrance exam questionspublished on the internet.

After a candidate for theEntrance Exam has paid the prescribed registrationfee, he or she will be issued alongside the ExaminationNumber a unique and time-limited passwordthat enables them to access and download ourpast entrance examination question papers.

Henceno one should pay any money to anyone for ourpast entrance exam questions. To share an LJC secret with our parents, atthe next entrance exam, there will be a digitalphoto taken of each candidate at the point of writingthe exam. Should the candidate pass the exam,a comparative digital photograph will be taken atregistration and at resumption. Best wishes to all,particularly the siblings of the Pride! Presently, the tennis courts fourof them, thanks to our veteran Loyola parents Dr.

Wale Babalakin and Chief Chidolue are almost readyAn Aerial view of two of the four tennis courts under constructionfor commissioning. Mohammed Badamasuiy. They were joined by three of ourbereaved parents of the Sosoliso crash, Mr. Joe Egwelle, Dr.

Andy Ilabor and Dr. Tony Loolo. On theirthird attempt, they finally got in to see Governor Chibuike Amaechi. He was most gracious. The most crucial reason for seeing the governor was because of a dispute on the land for JMCwhich has for a long time now stopped construction of the wall and the clearing of the land. The Governorresponded unhesitatingly that he would make sure that the land dispute is settled as soon as possible,and he assigned the matter to his Chief of Staff to follow up.

He also said that the other requests inour petition would be granted. We asked that electricity be brought to the land, that the government dothe inner roadways, that security be provided and that a contact person be established for whenever wemight have follow-up issues. Nonetheless, We thank God for the good results of this visit. From left to right: Mr. Joe Egwelle; Br. Jonah SJ; Fr. Jerry Aman SJ; Dr. Andy Ilabor, and Dr.

No payment nor message will be acceptedafter this date. Please, come withthose attires when resuming for Extension Classes. All medication in whateverform must be submitted to the clinic staff onarrival at school. Students are not allowed to keepmedication in their hostels, unless approved by thenurse on duty. Any medication confiscated from thestudents are never returned.

All students are servedwith Chewable Multivitamin tablets, no student isrequired to bring any multivitamin or Dietary supplementto the school except for special cases withclear medical reports from the doctor ; otherwisesuch vitamins would be confiscated. Parents shoulddesist from the practice of giving their wards medicationsto swallow on the spot during visiting days. Parents who wish to know thehealth status of their wards should visit the ParentPortal or see the nurse on duty on visiting days.

The medical anddisciplinary reports are uploaded fortnightly, whilethe accounts report is updated every month. These are not just items belongingto past generations of students. Every day our hardworkingand honest cleaners continue to gather items belonging tostudents which will eventually be thrown into the storewhen students refuse to claim the items at the end of theday. Some students exhibit attitudes that suggest wastefulness,show of affluence, carelessness and laziness.

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Hi David, it matters, however, depending on what preceded to different ADX stages. Best regards, » Submitted by David on November 10, - I'm new to this site and wanted to asked the following re this strategy. You've got the point here: by relying on exits with moving averages you're giving back some good portion of your profits, sometimes more, sometimes less But, there is the other side of it: the reason you're able to hold to a trade for an extended period of time is because you used moving averages to follow the trend in the first place.

With MAs one should find the balance between profits and risks, and simply work on protecting the largest portion of gains while risking the rest for the privilege to stay in a trade for a longer period of time. Regards, » Submitted by User on September 4, - I think also.. Hey Egudu and everyone!

Anyway, I am a software engineer, and good at MT4 programming, today I am starting an EA for this system here - I would like to collect everyone's ideas on this system, what works best for you, to add all the best indicators together into one EA that I'll program into MT4 and upload for us all. I am going to make this a very fun EA, calling it "Bottle Rockets" strategy, because it reminds me of a rocket launching when the momentum changes, and it launches up off the ground.

Also, I have read of other similar systems very similar using a 2-stage buy where one is used to break even, and the other to lock into profits with a pip trailing stop like a parachute! I would suggest using a MACD also, as it helps avoiding "fake outs".. Anyway, I have some great ideas to make this an EA like no-other, and there is a lot we can do together to give this superb strategy the edge.

So anyone who has tested this strategy, are you willing to help share your best methods you have tested, I'll combine them into an EA and we can work together to refine this Bottle Rocket system. Where should we start, what indicators you had best success with so far?

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