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Veridium ethereum

veridium ethereum

Building hybrid blockchain/cloud applications with Ethereum and Google Hong Kong-based Veridium Labs is a collaborative initiative that. Developing the Crypto Carbon Credit on Ethereum's Blockchain Nori and Veridium made a partnership with carbon credit registries such as Climate Action. Competitors using blockchain to track energy credits include Power Ledger, which uses the public ethereum blockchain, and Veridium. EASY-FOREX LOGIN

Veridium will offer TGR tokens in a public crowdsale set to commence in Q4 The decision whether to onboard new natural capital assets will be made by the independent, non-profit Veridium Foundation. It contains the highest biodiversity and carbon stocks of any forest type, and filters and conserves trillions of liters of fresh water every day. Most notably, it protects over threatened, vulnerable and endangered species listed on the Cites RED list and is home to one of the largest remaining high-density populations of endangered orangutans.

TGR tokens will be available for purchase in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and major fiat currencies. While an earlier announcement included details for that project's token, called TGR, the project is no longer active, according to Veidium founder, Todd Lemons, and updates on the verde token creation will be forthcoming.

What the two blockchains have in common, though, is one of the reasons why the switch early on in development was so easy. Namely, while Stellar and Ethereum each have its own cryptocurrency, any number of features can be built into entirely new tokens minted on the blockchain. To give an idea of the possible size of a tokenized carbon credits market, a recent survey of just companies by the Ecosystem Marketplace found that Both Veridium and InfiniteEarth are projects within the portfolio of the Envision Corporation, a Hong Kong-based incubator for sustainable technologies.

So far, the ecosystem of Veridium contributors includes Brian Kelly Capital Management, which is consulting on how to build a liquid market, and research firm EcoSmart Labs, which helped develop the protocols that are being coded into the token. The reserve is a square-mile rainforest and tropical peat forest that supports a range of human and animal communities.

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The company does not only have their sights on large corporations however For the environmentally conscious individual they are developing an easy to use app This will allow a person to purchase VERDE tokens for either trade or have a proportionate influence on which environmental projects the funding will be spent. The funding raised through these credits will then be used to support green initiatives throughout the world These initiatives can range from planting trees to developing green energy and even cleaning our oceans Unfortunately.

The current process of carbon credits is questionable It is a very difficult process to track ones pollution record the data and verify that funding is spent on the appropriate offsetting practices In utilizing a blockchain tailor built for the industry an immutable ledger will provide inarguable levels of accountability. This particular project will be built on top of the Stellar blockchain utilizing smartcontracts to ensure transparency and accuracy The token named VERDE will see its architecture and interface built by IBM utilizing its partnership with Stellar The tokens will then be given value by Veridium and governed by their own proprietary protocols In addition the token will be backed by their sister company InfiniteEARTH and their own credits InfiniteEARTH is currently utilized in the Paris Climate Accord for their methodology.

Although not for sale yet we can expect to see these in late The process is ongoing as Veridium collaborates with various global bodies such as the United Nations to dial in an appropriate formula for determining token valuations. SureRemit As the name suggests, SureRemit is a cross border remittance service that is used mostly by African workers abroad to send money home.

Smartlands Smartlands is setting out to tekonize assets in industries such as real estate, manufacturing, private shares as well as agriculture. The platform manages auditing, legal due diligence and other preparatory procedures of a token issuing company. Investors buy tokens of the company with the possibility of trading them and receiving profits.

Chynge Chynge is a digital payments platform that aims at making remittances free. Chynge uses tokens to digitalize payments on the blockchain to transfer funds immediately. Liquidity pools created by Chynge in various countries eliminate bank credit lines. In conclusion, these 12 projects on the Stellar blockchain are impressive and more reason to look forward to a future powered by blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to give financial advice. Any opinion herein should be taken as is. Please carry out your own research before investing in any of the numerous cryptocurrencies available. Share John P. Njui John is a journalist and writer with a vast crypto and blockchain industry background.

He has been passionately writing and creating crypto content since When not immersed in the complex world of decentralized finance, John is often seen playing a chess game or running a marathon.

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