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Bitcointalk cryptocurrency

bitcointalk cryptocurrency

Bitcointalk meaning: Bitcointalk - is the leading online forum dedicated to Bitcoin-related issues and topics. Bitcoin Communities. Find interesting people, groups and communities related to Bitcoin. Icon Forums. BitcoinTalk Forum · Reddit's Bitcoin. Unofficial list of (official) rules, guidelines, FAQ · mprep, 0 ; List of most prominent altcoins of the moment «1 2 7 8 All», Odusko, CRYPTO ARTWORK SELLS FOR 1 MILION

The story behind Bitcointalk is almost as mysterious as the one behind Bitcoin itself. Initially, Satoshi Nakamoto was using a SourceForge forum to post about Bitcoin and discuss the technology. However, this forum is now lost. In order to provide a space for such discussions to continue thriving, user Sirius provided hosting for a new forum where Satoshi could continue posting.

However, as Nakamoto gradually withdrew from the public space, Sirius decided to move the forum to its present address and announce it is a strictly unofficial Bitcoin discussion forum. Despite the mysterious beginning, Bitcointalk users now comprise the largest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency online community. The forum has expanded beyond simply discussing Bitcoin, and there are now threads covering some of the major altcoins and stablecoins available on the market.

One of the reasons why Bitcointalk became so big is the diversity of languages supported on the forum. Anyone can start a thread in any language, which has attracted users from all over the world. Another great feature of Bitcointalk is the ability to easily search through the whole database of topics and discussion entries. Awful 'I don't want to see you tonight either.

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