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Visual jforex4

visual jforex4

Visual JForex is a comprehensive solution to build, test and run strategies; it is based on a user-friendly interface using drag and drop feature. Visual JForex. It is true that this tool is Visual JForex work window JForex 4 - the new generation of the Dukascopy platform. Reviews · 24h live trading support · EA and visual programming Swissbanque invites all its clients to try new JForex4 platform on DEMO/LIVE accounts! PROFESSIONE FOREX RECENSIONI LIBRI

Until recently, the platform required the user to have the latest version of Java. Currently, there is no such requirement and it should work with any version above 1. This solution is useful for people who cannot afford to install external software on a given computer except Java.

JForex login window Login. The login process itself is quite unusual for a Forex platform. Let's start with the login itself - it is not a number in the form of an account number. It is a name with uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. It is a phrase resembling a word or being it, which is generated by the broker's system, but thanks to this solution, no one can "guess" our login on their own there are no ordinal digits increasing by one unit, which is usually the case with MT4 brokers.

Password - we set our own during the registration process, but it must consist of upper and lower case letters and numbers - nothing extraordinary, but also a bit different than in MT4. And finally, the PIN - it is he who makes the Dukascopy security system not only innovative, but above all very difficult to break. And while there is an option to remember the login and password, the PIN must be entered each time you log in. We can change the PIN code to our own, but interestingly, this is not the number that we enter when logging in.

Each time JForex starts, a window with numbers in the form of pictures is displayed, and we have to enter the numbers that appeared in the fields corresponding to our PIN. This means that even if someone monitors the characters we type on the keyboard, they will not learn our code. For example, from a picture and a PIN 1 2 3 4 should be entered 8 0 43 5. JForex Dukascopy appearance and interface Compared to the previous version, JForex with the 3 designation did not undergo any revolutionary changes - and that's good.

Assessing the overall interface, it can be said that it is clear and legible. Even if someone has been based only on MT4 so far, after a few minutes he should have no problem finding individual functions. However, in order to discover the full potential of JForex, a longer time is needed, which is undoubtedly worth spending. The platform is available in two color versions - light and dark new. The latter is less tiring for the eyesight, but the bright version does not offend enough not to use it, as is the case with trade.

All the important functions of the chart are right above it - the icons may not be very understandable at first, but after a few uses this will not be a problem. The names of the functions are displayed after hovering the cursor over the icons. Top toolbar List of instruments and Navigator window On the left, the standard displays a module for concluding orders, market depth as befits the ECN platform , a list of instruments and a Navigator - something similar to the one we know from MT4.

The entire side window can be hidden with one click, which is very convenient and quick. You can only stick to a too small window with instruments, so you have to scroll through the list often if someone uses many symbols - you can improve the situation a bit by connecting them to the Navigator window but it could be better all the time. You can also see some shortcomings in the translation of the Polish version, but it is nothing very glaring and will probably be corrected in the next updates.

In the lower part you will find a list of open positions and pending orders. Each tab can be detached from the platform and led, for example, to the screen of a second monitor - convenient and helpful. Additionally, you can arrange all tabs next to each other in the selected order or, for example, enlarge only one on the left side, and leave the rest on the right in the classic form.

There are a lot of configuration options and this deserves a big plus. The small downside is the font size of the account balance information, which is quite small and placed on the edge of the bottom left side of the platform, but it's not something that you can't get used to quickly. Position management terminal Functions and possibilities Transactions. At the very beginning of this section, it is worth addressing the issue of the transaction volume, because here we are dealing with more than just lots known to everyone from MT4.

Dukascopy in the JForex 3 version gives you the option to choose the volume for currencies between units, lots, thousands and millions. And here is a short diagram: 1. For other instruments, the choice is smaller, where for precious metals we can choose between ounces and thousands, and with CFDs there is no choice - only contracts are available. It is also worth adding that Dukascopy accepts an unequal volume, i. Nevertheless, the minimum is still 0.

An excellent solution is the ability to define the automatic addition of parameters to a newly opened position such as Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop, and even the maximum default slip, distance setting of the order awaiting the current market price and order validity time.

This is a great convenience for traders operating on many different markets at the same time. Personalization of transaction settings After such a pre-sale, we can proceed to enter into transactions. As a standard, you can open transactions in three ways: module on the left side of the platform, from the level of the graph under the right button , through the Market Review.

The main window for entering transactions The first way is, in my opinion, the most convenient and the fastest. This is a big plus. The pending orders themselves can be modified from the chart level by moving them up or down after double-clicking, even before the moment of its conclusion just select SL on the left in the window, and then move the level on the chart. It's a standard nowadays, but let's imagine that these years ago platforms generally didn't offer such features - apart from JForex Less intuitive but it can be just as fast, especially when it comes to adding pending orders.

All available options are available by right-clicking on the graph. Market Review, option no. Least popular because a bit hidden. It is especially useful for people who work on more than one monitor or desktop and trade more than one instrument at the same time. Under the left module we have access to the so-called DOM, i. Most retail traders will not be interested in this information, therefore there is an option to hide the DOM, and thus gain more free space in the left column of the platform e.

All position parameters can be edited in the Positions tab at the bottom of the platform by clicking on the individual instruments. Trailing stop. This mechanism deserves a separate paragraph. Dukascopy offers us an extraordinary solution. Well, Trailing Stop, once set, is active immediately. This means that it immediately sets the Stop Loss at the distance indicated in TS and thus works not in relation to the point set in TS the place where our position begins to earn as many pips as we set as a parameter - this is in MT4 but from the market price when Trailing Stop is added to the item.

It sounds complicated, so I will use an example. Example The market price of the instrument is 1. We opened a long position at 1. The Stop Loss is set to 1. If we now set the Trailing Stop at 20 pips, nothing will happen - the Stop Loss will stay in the same place and start moving up immediately when the rate jumps to 1. However, if we set the Trailing Stop to 10, it will automatically our The stop loss will move to 1.

Is it good or bad? It depends on your taste and needs. I will let you evaluate it individually. Chart support. Managing charts on JForex is a pleasure. Of course, assuming that we will know all the possibilities and we will easily find the functions we are interested in which will take us a while. And there are quite a lot of these. We have at our disposal automatic positioning of charts next to each other in the same size or by horizontal and vertical. You can quickly clear the graph from an object or close it all.

The colors of the charts can be modified in every aspect according to any chosen, or even personally configured, color. Of course, the templates can be saved and stored in JCloud. There are three standard types of charts such as line, candlestick, and bar charts, and two less common ones - area and table. It is worth noting that JForex allows you to display charts at both the Ask and Bid prices, while most platforms draw them at Bid and that's it.

Create them yourself! Yes, JForex offers the possibility of your own intervals without major restrictions. And this is based not only on time but also on price. This means we can create any Renko, TF 6-tick or 9-day charts. Nothing limits us here. Each of the created intervals immediately goes to quick access on the platform.

A powerful plus for Dukascopy. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Unless specifically expressed, Tier1 does not endorse the methodologies, ideas, opinions or recommendations of these third parties. We encourage all traders to carefully review and analyze the third party offerings and claims. Do not accept as fact unexamined assertions or claims.

All materials offered to the trading public on our website are offered as general market commentary, are not an offer to trade in any market and do not constitute investment or trading advice.

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JForex 4 - The Next Generation of Dukascopy Trading Platform

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