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Betbotpro betdaq betting

betbotpro betdaq betting

Keep up to date with all the news and updates regarding BetBotPRO software for Betfair and Betdaq. Also get the latest ideas on Horse and Greyhound betting. Latest updates on everything Betting Bot Software related. BetBotPro is a brand new Automated Betfair API Software which will charge your betting. are alternatives to Betfair and Betdaq betting sites, respectively BetBotPro is a brand new Automated Betfair API Software which will charge your. GETAFE VS REAL SOCIEDAD BETTING PREVIEW

Tired of losing money betting on the horses? Reluctant to pour fees into the pockets of tipsters? Then strike out on your own by harnessing the consistency of a reliable betting bot. Tried one before? BetBotPro is different. Here are the benefits: 1. Low cost - Eur Load selections to be placed e. Great support and help manuals 4. Easy to set up plans as described on this page see below 5.

Simulation Mode available to test strategies before betting for real 6. Choose between Betfair software or Betdaq versions Betfair software, known as an API Application Program Interface is the clever bit that allows betting bots to access the markets on the Betfair Exchange website. I have reviewed betting bots elsewhere on this site so I was intrigued when I recently came across a new automated betting software application known as Betbotpro. As advances are being made and new features become available I decided to give it a try.

The staff are friendly and helpful and I was offered a free trial 12 months in return for a review. You can obtain a normal free trial for 7 days. Getting up and running with a new bot can be a steep learning curve but I found the User Manual comprehensive and easy to use. It tells you what is required to run the bot, namely a Windows based PC with Microsoft. Net 4. Installation was quick and pain free and there is a useful Quick Start help file to get you up and running with videos which demonstrate the principals.

Read on to find out how I got on… I am given the choice of downloading either Betfair software or Betdaq. You can probably choose both if you want but you will need a funded account with whichever exchange you choose. As I already have a Betfair software account I choose this option. As the software runs on your computer I am advised that Microsoft. NET 4. Before downloading the software I am given the option to read the operating manual which I do. Apart from reading the manual there are also videos you can watch.

I download the software without a problem and obtained the token sent to my email address which allows me to use the software. I wanted to start by placing a manual each way bet on horse racing in Ireland. I followed the user manual Getting Started instructions with regard to loading races and events. Most of the functions on Betfair Exchange are available on Betbotpro For those new to the software there is a facility to paper trade in simulation mode.

This enables you to get to know the platform before risking real money. It is also useful if you are trying out a new system or source of tips. This was entirely my own fault for not setting a max stake liability which resulted in lay stakes that were much too big. I won't make this mistake again.

I have reduced stakes and will gradually re-build the bank. I have also changed the plan so that it only places bets on the 3rd fav. The Maria Plan and the Lay the Fav Plan have been paused as they were not proving reliably profitable. To take their place I have devised 2 new plans to replace them. I am now testing a Greyhounds back the fav plan and a new horse laying plan. You should begin to see the results of these showing in the results feed above.

The dutching plan I run was not placing some bets when I changed to live mode. Admin advised me to set the min and max number of bets setting to 2. This ensured there would always be two selections to dutch on.

Simulation or Live Modes You can choose to test with the simulator option or use real money live bets. Powerful Staking Plans Built-in Choose one of the many staking plans available for backing or laying. Powerful Strategies Built in Select options like saddlecloth numbers, trap sequences, last winning trap, favourites Automated Bet Placement Automatically place Back or Lay bets on selections in Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, Soccer, Tennis and many more sports markets.

Simulation Mode Allows you to learn the software and test strategies without using real money. See if your selections win or lose and if you would have made a profit or loss. Change to Live Mode when ready. Min-Max Ranges Filters Only executes a bet if the selections parameters are with in your specified limits in settings. Quick Results Get race results quickly and see your profit and loss immediatley. See the winner or placed horses or greyhounds and teams.

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Betbotpro Stream - Activate Your Trial and Login using Betfair or Betdaq details betbotpro betdaq betting

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