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These games will go down in history as being afriends seminalis what and connecting with family and an empty pit in the bottom of my stomach. I never found services boring growing up. In memories. This is all done for Executive Director, Maccabi USA the high holidays is something unique, and I althe sake of Jewish children: to teach them about ways felt happy and grateful to be part of it. It is awfully into a corner and made to feel lesser.

We stand into adulthood. I asked my family if we could atcial, spiritual and financial support will cause them the seat at the table that they so deserve. Auburn University and… the leadership they tend in-person services for Kol Nidre, and they congregations across the nation to permanently It is the struggle to fulfill the promise of the display on their campus.

The social aspect of its hopes, its values, and its better angels. Without synagogues, any and all opportunibackwards. There was no hugging of move The events that took place in Charlottesville ties for religious observance — many of which friends, kissing Bubbies on the cheek, or even When men and women, fully armed, take represented the worst of this nation.

Those who marched onto the streets did is acall sophomore at Tulane celebrating holidays and embracing traditions areGabrielle today. It Williams is a wake-up to the work that so to profess an ideology that harkens back to from Dallas, andaisbetter, pursuing a major with other Jews has significantly changed.

For University needs to be done to ensure more a bleaker, more wretched time in our history. But what hap- in A time when men and women of many creeds, welcoming country. A century from safe in our own borders. A time where into our history we engaged in a war in part Americans lived under a constant cloud of to ensure we would not continue as one. We racism, anti-Semitism and pervasive hate.

The events that took place in Charlottesville served found ourselves confronted by the issue of civil rights, and embarked on a mission to ensure as a reminder of how painfully relevant these Help Support Independent,the Quality, fair treatment of all peoples no matter their issues are today. Jewish community of Charlottesville, and We for yourthe continued as we America wastell also born an immigrant with thethank Jewish you people around country support country.

As early as the pilgrims, many and our around the world. We also standofwith the stories — the stories Southern Jewish Life! We stand and be themselves. Few were met with open with the minorities of whom these white www. Brook editor sjlmag.

Green lee sjlmag. Altmark deepsouthrabbi. Walter Katz, Doug Brook brookwrite. Subscribe via sjlmag. Copyright All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or part without written permission from the publisher. Views expressed in SJL are those of the respective contributors and are not necessarily shared by the magazine or its staff.

SJL makes no claims as to the Kashrut of its advertisers, and retains the right to refuse any advertisement. Documenting this community, a community we are members of and active within, is our passion. We love what we do, and who we do it for. During the exploration process, the congregations held a joint Shabbat service monthly. Starting with Nov. The board of the unified congregation elected Steven Cavalier as the first president. Cavalier said transition teams are working on facilities, finances, ritual, education, programming and other areas, continuing the groundwork laid by the Joint Synagogue Exploratory Committee.

Voting will follow online and by paper ballot, with congregants choosing their top three. In-person voting will be held on Dec. If needed, a second round of voting will be held to break a tie. A joint celebration event will be held in January, by which the new name will be announced. The event will be livestreamed for the community. David Sher will receive the Susan J.

Given to someone age 40 or younger, the award recognizes young leaders in the community. The award is presented to a couple or individual who exhibits a lifetime of leadership giving and endows a Federation annual campaign gift. Weaving more than years of Southern Jewish experiences into engaging, accessible, and relevant exhibits — during a pandemic, no less — was quite an adventure.

Through interactive exhibits, artifacts, and stories, the core exhibition explores themes that connect visitors of all backgrounds, including immigration and civil rights. The expeience is based on a quilt from the Museum collection that was stitched in by the Jewish Ladies Sewing Circle of Canton, Miss.

Visitors use a touch screen to express their own identity and communities using custom fabrics, patches and drawing tools to craft their own unique square. The orientation film shown at the beginning of the tour won the Bronze award in media production. The mayor and some city council members are anticipated to be in attendance. Cohn became CEO of the Federation an opportunity to help write a letter during the ceremony.

The series of five Sunday tours is produced in partnership with the Consulate General of Israel to the Southeastern U. Sussman visited Israel in and never left. A combat lone-soldier in the Second Lebanon War, he had a near death experience, where he realized the importance of teaching people about Israel. The first tour, on Nov. The Hula Valley divides the Golan Heights from the Naftali Heights and the city of Tzfat, with biblical archeology like Tel Dan, and over five million birds pass through it every migration season.

This tour Caesarea is during the migration season, exploring its national parks, biblical archeology, and beautiful nature. The Nov. Built over 2, years ago by King Herod, this was the first-ever man-made port. Built to compete with Athens, it could fit over a hundred ships at a time.

It made Caesarea one of the most important cities along the Mediterranean shore during the Roman period. Masada will be the focus in Dec. The fortress in the Judean Desert is one of the most popular places to visit in Israel.

People from all faiths and walks of life visit this mountain even though there is no mention of it in the Bible. The Jan. The series concludes on Jan. Registration is free and is available at bit. One may select one tour or all five, and all tours are at 8 a. Israel Unplugged mission planned Been to Israel and want to go again, but want to see something other than the usual sights?

The Federation is also taking part in Momentum, an international program designed for women with children 18 and under. The program includes monthly meetings and finishes with an Israel trip, Nov. Over the summer there were visits to Copenhagen and Budapest, but a planned Mission to India was postponed because Covid spikes there made it difficult to organize the program.

The mission has been rescheduled for Dec. The mission is free and open to all. Zoom links will be sent to those who register. A virtual mission to Bahrain is also being organized. Eruv expert Rabbi Stephen Belsky has been consulting with the Metairie community on what it will take to make the eruv in the West Esplanade area kosher again, and repairs are being planned.

Problems with the route along the levees has rendered the year-old eruv unsuitable for now. An eruv allows the carrying of items outside of homes on Shabbat or holidays. A new eruv in Uptown was temporarily down following Hurricane Ida. Hillel at the University of Alabama is holding its first-ever Jewish Alumni Weekend, for alumni of all eras. Details and registration will be announced soon, but the Hillel website already has a priority registration form to express interest and receive updates.

She will work 20 hours per week in the position while continuing as a bilingual medical interpreter. Contributions are being accepted for the meal, which will be delivered and distributed to the residents on Nov. Beth Israel in Gulfport resumes its themed Shabbat dinners with a Mexican buffet dinner, p. The tour is also supported by the Alabama Humanities Alliance, and for the launch, Temple Emanu-El is a partner so the overall Jewish community can take part in engaging with local history.

For the tour, there will be timed slots every 20 minutes from 1 to p. The groups will embark on the tour together, with limited slots per group in keeping with Covid protocols. The walking route is about 1. The tour is free, but donations are accepted and will go toward development of the project. Tobiasse is a French Jewish artist whose family was forced into hiding during the Nazi occupation of France. His works are influenced by surrealism, expressionism, and modern primitivism, and his paintings explore themes of mythology, Biblical stories, exile and his own past.

The exhibited works come from his later years and are part of the permanent collection at the Alexandria Museum of Art. Other complementary programs planned for the exhibit include a Jewish film series, lectures on Jewish holidays and symbolism, and a presentation by the son of Holocaust survivors.

The exhibit runs through Feb. The idea for the mission came from Austin Center in Chattanooga, a national board member who touts the Jewish history of the South. Because of the uncertain times, there is a no-commitment pre-registration form available. The Threefoot Hotel, a Marriott Tribute Portfolio hotel, opened at the beginning of November after several years of renovations.

Jeremy Campbell, area director of sales, said a major emphasis of the project is telling the story of Meridian. In the early 20th century, Meridian was the largest city in the state, with five rail lines and 44 daily trains. Originally, the Threefoot was destined to be a Courtyard by Marriott, but Campbell said that earlier this year, Marriott changed the designation, making it easier to tell a local story. Now I your complaint will be looked into.

I grew up knowing that to the Prime Minister of Israel — placate a disgruntled citizen and elected officials were there to serve about a slanted floor! The PM was to fulfill their obligation their public. Was I ever wrong! A few weeks later my elected congressperson or husband came home senator. I had only a prime waving a message he had minister. And I had a direct line to listening intently, much to the dismay received from the moshav secretary: him. In mid-sentence, housing ministry are coming here in Israel, where I had been living for developing my deeper point, I was on Thursday.

With the completion what to do or say, I heard that famous Through my shock I still had the of our permanent site in the Jordan Yitzhak Rabin drawl. Joining We were the envy of the moshav. I can see him now, looking at me All those powerful officials were ESRA MAGAZINE him were representatives of the housing ministry and the contractor with compassion, his words bringing coming to examine our house who built the settlement.

His aide retreated because of my letter to the prime but deftly moved the conversation minister. The sun was bright in the cloudless in a different direction to prevent sky above the Rift valley. There were I confidently showed them all unpleasant confrontations. Although he might first moved in. As the experts checked and measured and whispered among themselves, 17 in his honor. We heard testimonies of men in their 40s and 50s recalling how Carmi had saved their lives and pulled them out of the water.

In the early days of the course, Carmi stood out as a very positive person with a zest for life. You ended up wondering how it bothered you at all. On October 22, , Carmi and his instructor, Matan Assa, flew for the last time. During was a brilliant student with a huge I n September of , our family an exercise, they crashed and both smile and great sense of humor.

He killed. My youngest son, Carmi, was volunteered often. Carmi was a beautiful ing and organizing. He was a very his funeral — and every single one boy with green eyes and curly hair. He was a people person. He was also a very Everyone who knew him, adored creative person and once built a As a young child in Kfar Vradim, him.

He radiated with life every go-cart out of a skateboard. He was Carmi came in contact with the minute of his all too short existence. He was also In elementary school, Carmi very generous with the money he wrote a poem in his honor: volunteered to accompany the earned. He brought joy not spoiled. He had a studies or slow him down. He loved the Vradim. He enjoyed the sport and funeral. Excellence at the Ruppin Marine matic and influence others.

Carmi, After his death, the kite surfing com- Science Institute, enabling youth you were one of those; a boy who munity held a memorial at the beach to aim for the top, as he did. We scurried away to talk as I felt privileged to be the first and humor. Our meeting lasted no more than Westerner to meet her. Those few minutes siasm for continuing her appeals reaching minus 23 degrees, that had an impact on me for many years for permission to travel to Israel as I was asked if I would like to meet later as I recalled this powerhouse of well as her support for the Jewish Ida Nudel.

I thought the question a woman who faced dangers, impris- community were boundless and redundant as we knew that this onment, and exile, seemingly taking fearless. I remember asking if she well-known Prisoner of Zion and it all in her stride. It was from National Public Radio, USA and refuseniks is not studied in Israeli also claimed that she threw water we shared the news of her return to schools, yet it was a major event in over the arresting policeman.

Apart from succeeding KGB! I was guided to a small group in its mission to allow Soviet Jews Ida was denied permission to remain to make aliyah, many of those who of refuseniks who had formed a pro- in Moscow and settled in Moldavia campaigned on their behalf also set- tective circle around a diminutive for five years prior to receiving an tled in Israel making it one figure dressed in a padded jacket, exit visa for Israel when the flood exceptional campaign.

Her parents were members of the Jewish haute bourgeoisie and she grew up in very comfortable, easy circumstances. Her mother came from long friends. Both were After spending three years at a CAUSE highly educated and by all accounts school for the children of manual exceptionally good looking. Ruth workers, Ruth transferred to the was a pretty child, well mannered, Gymnasium Balfour on Maze Street well spoken, clever, sweet natured, but her early school experience and the pride of her parents.

Her closest Leon had done well. After qualifying schoolfriend lived in a shabby as a lawyer at Charles University in By Anne Evans wooden hut in a grubby street. Life was good, but then Leon home, a source of regret to this day. It was at that first school that she equipment and aircraft from The company had ambitions to expand also learned to keep secrets. Every Czechoslovakia in the run-up outside Europe and in asked May, Ruth would join her school- to and during the War of Leon to go to Palestine and open an mates on Histadrut marches where Independence.

Leon must have better equipped coalition of hesitated to give up the comfort Thus, the cosseted little girl from Arab armies. She is now in Mandatory Palestine, as it then her to join the Haganah at the age 94, but remembers those years with was. He was, however, a Zionist of 16 and then go on to play a heroic pride and delight.

In , he set off for Haganah and a photo of herself task as it required the personal rec- Palestine to prepare the way. Holocaust survivors to Palestine. Leon was able to buy a flat and a car, There were further hurdles, 20 including being interrogated by a unit of the Haganah called Chel was teased later by the other girls senior member of the organization HaKesher the Signal Corps where who jokingly accused her of having at a secret address, but Ruth clearly she learned how to decipher mes- a penchant for older men.

Despite had what it took and was accepted. The Haganah differed from the Palmach which another school One day, while training in secret in Meanwhile, back at school she was friend called Leah who later became the Galilee, the girls were told that burnishing her linguistic talents, Leah Rabin thought Ruth should they would shortly be joined by a adding English and French to her join. However, Ruth did not feel up group of boys and their commanders.

German and Czech. Her par- pretty feeble at sport. Instead, she would make her course. On May 14 , David There, leading from the front, was her way to secret facilities in vari- Ben-Gurion announced the creation her own father. Their eyes met, they ous kibbutzim where she learned to of the new State of Israel, following blinked in astonishment but said clean guns, assemble hand grenades a vote in the United Nations to bring not a word to anyone about their and work out how to move across an end to the British Mandate and relationship.

That evening, Ruth country in the dark, using the stars create two independent states, one slipped off to meet her father and as a guide. Later, she joined a special Arab, and one Jewish. There was jubilation in Israel but it was to be short-lived.

The Palestinian Arabs and the Arab world had vehemently opposed the Partition Plan from the moment it was adopted in November In all the secret messages that were last minute from an airfield in Zatec, January , the Old City was block- being passed backwards and for- Yugolsavia, to the Ekron airfield aded and its , citizens faced wards between the Czechs and the near Rehovot. It was a daring mis- with the prospect of starvation.

As Operation sion and Ruth worked hard to make Convoys were attacked and civilians Balak reached its final stages, she the complex arrangements work. That low-level war turned into a full- without the Czech arms deal Israel Although Ruth never met the Czech scale onslaught after the Declaration would not have survived the side face to face, her role was pivotal. She stayed on district of Tel Aviv. Mike wanted in Prague for almost a year and her to immediately board a plane then, at her request, was sent to to Prague where she was desper- work at the Embassy in Paris, only ately needed to help finalize the returning to Israel finally in She had tasted action and found the thought of She was expected to board without resuming her studies and living preliminaries, without a visa and in digs unappealing.

Instead, she without knowing what would applied and was accepted to work happen when she reached her Ruth Godson's medal honoring her at the newly established Israeli destination. Her only instruction membership of the Haganah Foreign Office in Jerusalem. She was to tell the Czech officials who did well there and in was would be questioning her on her She spent a year in Prague. She became never to be seen again.

In return, time abroad. Joe died in Ruth stayed on in explosives, tanks and 24 Avia S The decision to make preparations London for some years to be close to fighter aircrafts. It also helped train for full-scale war was taken by her son, but eventually decided she the pilots and mechanics who were David Ben-Gurion who realized after wanted to grow old in the familiarity needed to fly and maintain the the November response of the Arabs of her childhood surroundings.

She planes. Everything was coming to a head Some arms had been smuggled To her Israeli family and friends, just when Ruth reached Prague in into Israel ahead of the war but it must have seemed as though she May. She was immediately put to the planes and most of the heavy had never left. Below this was the real trea- sure I had come to see — the Bell ascending the tower. Loomis Harmon, from the architect to enter.

It was he who up and sadly have never been able loom and an organ. An oak frame had commanded the British troops to travel in an elevator since, aged houses 36 pegs and from each peg a to a decisive victory against the 16, I was trapped alone in one for metal cable rises up through a hole German commander of the Ottoman three hours until I was rescued. It is evident how physically and developed.

When I entered 24 the playing room it was filled with research which continue until today. They were playing some of Advanced Studies at the Achya the planned 36, as the money available notes which they obviously found to Academic College. However, three be lots of fun — perhaps encouraging years ago YMCA renovated the How on earth, I wonder, did such them to become professionals. He someone who masters the art of to YMCA. It weighed kg, was was renowned for his expertise playing this complex instrument.

I was For Gaby it began in after to the bell tower by an enormous intrigued to find out what type attending a course for Bell players crane. It was this same company of person would choose to play at YMCA. He developed a passion that restored the bells at Notre such a rare instrument. Gaby was honored for his years of music lovers and had studied the devotion, by having his initials G. He also Since he has given regular engraved inside the bell. His according to the cognoscenti, the receiving a B.

He also found time to the sound of his bells can be heard players to produce the subtle range be a Captain in the Israel Defense four kilometers away. He has played of sounds that they seek. Forces from His eclectic reper- people. A highlight of the year is fession and can then add to this by there in He served until he Christmas when regulars come to branching out in a completely differ- retired after 44 years of service.

He is today Professor of Psychology Xmas carols. After almost two at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem well-being of his many patients years of being isolated in London it where he was nominated as Freud through his practice and research gives me something special to look Professor in Psychoanalysis. Added to this, he does the same, but Over the years he has served in It takes a virtuoso like Gaby to pro- this time by playing the carillon senior positions of most of the lead- duce such a wide range of melodies and bringing his music to his ing organizations and committees and create ethereal otherworldly and many audiences.

We decided to play unlike other some beautiful music for you in instruments, order to knock down the corona there is no way virus! Good health to everybody. In the We need more people in the world keyboard under- like Gaby Shefler. Credit: Yair Meyuchas Lydia Weitzman is very different. This year, we are to take home to enrich their private space. And if so, what should we do to to display at home — if they are It is under this title — Four Cubits — take this one step further and share chosen in a lottery.

At the end of that the Jerusalem Biennale this art with family, friends or JB, some of the artworks will explores the concept through even strangers? Open through to the spaces. This year, we are asking the question: is art part of our private domain? Entrance to in different Jerusalem institutions, the venues is free with the exception TakeMeHome. Credit: Nechama Golan and Israel who, although they images developed through virtual art, workshops, lectures and were isolated in their own studios, communication as each artist conversations.

These events include, among others, art together. Other exhibitions in the Venues Motta Brim, the Haredi artist who In Voyage Around My Room at component include, among others, inspired the popular series Shtisel, Mishkenot, 12 Italian and four Hearing Silence at Mamilla art talking about his art and his Israeli artists explore the concept galleries, with works that explore upbringing in his home; Linda of the room, and the relationship how artists have continued creating Zisquit telling the story of ARTSPACE, between self-expression, personal as our worlds have shrunk to the a gallery which operates out of her space and our personhood.

The size of our lockdowns; Private private home; British-born Ruth space of the room is revealed to Domain at the Agripas Gallery in Schreiber at her exhibition in be an infinite world in which man which four Israeli women artists Ramban Synagogue, which deals realizes his true freedom. After the initial achievements, year. Then Maale about his basketball future. MA and played basketball locally Adumim finally won another cham- throughout their youth, would pionship. It continued its unlikely Playing for years in his hometown be able to stay at home and con- run to the pinnacle of Israeli basket- of Maale Adumim, located over the tinue to play.

The team had 28 to reach such a high level in Israeli on to have a dream season. MA edged Coach Gewirtz, who now lives in the professional sports. My father, The team has some terrific players facility and higher player salaries, Abbey Gewirtz, was a star for the YU such as Barak Orion, named the standard for the National League. Simcha played Israeli players for the newly pro- for the YU Maccabees. Simcha was a major two foreign players from abroad.

He in Israel organization in Israel in down and had moved their practices knows that the best PR for his city, During one closed prac- might be through Gewirtz and his of the MA team in As younger tice, I approached Elliot Steinmetz band of overachievers.

I inquired if any of his Coach Gewirtz can then continue less playing time. In he retired seniors would want to play basket- his ascent in the world of Israeli from playing and was chosen to ball professionally in Israel. The rest, as they say, is history. York as a single young man in September reaching the next level. Danny helped to renovate the for him to be let go. Hiring Gewirtz a major reason the team won the Old City of Safed and was literally built by in the first place was a true break in championship.

But The irony of having a star player ended, he met Maya, a lovely Persian girl, from YU helping to propel MA to and three months later they were married. Instead of 25 minutes, than nearer. We could hear the gest amateur swim event in the it took us almost an hour to get music playing to welcome us in, but world. Every year, about 10, there, and then we had to find it felt that the last half kilometer was swimmers descend on Zemach Beach parking.

We expected a kilometer much further than the first one. We from where, depending on the length and a half swim, but not the same finally made it, and for me the worst of the swim, they are bused to two distance walking from the car park. From there, they By this time, we were getting tired, We had to walk the last 20 meters swim back to Zemach where they are and I wondered if the swim was over sharp stones, really uncomfort- welcomed and receive their medals, such a good idea after all.

Those people who swam with a sandwich and drink. The rest of us suf- As we walked towards Zemach beach, fered. Finally, with a little help and This year, I followed my dream. So this year, after having sign. Eventually we found the buses family and friends, who were wait- booked last year only to be thwarted which were ready for us to board, ing for us.

Then we received a drink, yet again as the event was cancelled and we were taken to our starting a sandwich and, best of all, our med- due to corona, it was finally all go. Another little walk, and finally als of which we were so proud. We we were ready to start our swim. It was with much trepidation that Did It! We were exhilarated and It felt like half a day had gone by.

In fact, Bette was so high But we held out our bracelets to be we were going to do it. Neither of us to go back to be barcoded again. I would highly recommend doing have any experience of long-distance the swim to anyone who wants to swimming, only lengths experience a fun day, in the pool, which is not Swimming the Kinneret was one of the most satisfying at any age. After many phone calls events we have taken part in. Aside from having an On the way home we exciting adventure, it proved that if you really want to found a real gem of a about the details — where place to stay.

It is called we were going to stay, as do something, you should go for it, whatever your age! There were also lots of other where they had to go. I am not very good business. What about tee shirts? Any kinds of floats, for a couple, or a family. There are happens if we get tired in the middle rubber rings, foam sticks, plastic no stairs, and best of all it receives of the swim? Lots of questions. The balloons that go in the air above you grade 10 on Booking. You can also order breakfast where to pick up the bracelets.

The was there. Add the swimming cos- which Rachel makes, using eggs bracelet has a barcode which, when tumes and caps, a riot of shades of from her chickens, and home grown you enter the water, is clicked into red, orange and pink and you have a vegetables and fruit from the garden, a machine and, when you finish, it carnival of colors. Truly a place enter without one. Once or find it in Booking. The In the end, all the members of experience and cause was well our group, the Mahjong Mavens, D o we enter a tournament or not?

Is our group ready for the challenge? So members of our Beer Sheva played well. We also had fun and most importantly the money were the typical debates floated group united and rallied for a good raised went to a good cause. Well, we debated cause. Our group consisted of Leslie for a while. We descended upon Rehovot to groups, to enter friendly tourna- participate in our first tournament.

The friendships. It was a naments than regular play. There mahjong, please do. These rules are about Mahjong group in Beer Sheva. I know the first game began. None of us I was nervous until Then, poof, all my worries Baker at We were just hoping not were gone. After we were shown some build the shape that we had plate about to go into of the possibilities of what could be chosen, how to add the color the cooling oven A s a present before she started made during the hour that we were Sherut Leumi, I took my year- there and the multiple colors avail- old granddaughter to a glass blowing able, we decided to make a colorful that we wanted and how to remove the final product from Photo: Yogev Peled the rod on which it was placed.

And what a wonderful vase. Grisha carefully explained to All that remained was the wait experience that was. As we waited for its With infinite patience and obvious days in the studio. But he had been killed six months earlier. I was shaken. I wanted to know if it was just me who thought the draw- ing on the paper looked like my brother. So I hesitantly showed it to my mother. She looked at it, and my heart-broken mother, who never spoke of my brother, looked at the By Heddi Keil draw.

And I will share with But one day, when I was nearly eleven, I stood back from some draw- So what happened here? If drawings you how mine — portrait drawing reflect the subconscious of the artist, — came into being. Since artistic skill. Or was my brother, in friend of ours, Jane, sitting at a table, my grandfather who some mysterious way, trying to tell her back to us.

She began to chortle, was present could also see the me that he was close? Curious, I squeezed in between I felt reassurance that perhaps away, and once in a while I look at them to have a look. Jane held up a I had some artistic ability. Each time I do, a cold chill runs drawing of a girl who had through me again.

It was a very doodling. It had taken me ten years funny drawing and I could see why to realize, not without disappoint- everyone was laughing. I knew that people drew imagination. I could see no progress pictures — trees, flowers, houses in this type of drawing. So I looked at I would be able to draw faces, the drawing, and inside I silently I decided to focus on drawing only exploded. I felt a fury like I had what I could see before me.

People suggested In junior high school, when my guessed at the passion that was that I attend art classes, but I homework was finally done, I churning within me. Adults were always telling would read, write poetry or draw. And there began my desire to Sometimes I had an art session with me what to do, and when it came to draw faces. We drawing, this was going to be some- tried to compose faces of women, thing that was mine, just mine, with- Soon after, my parents bought me out any outside interference.

Her sketches were always Finally, however, it was time for would draw — round discs for the better than mine; but I tried not to me to attend art classes. I had just head, with something resembling be discouraged. I persisted. But There was a school in Toronto which week after week, month after month, I produced a drawing that mystifies my friends recommended, called the and year after year, I would stand me to this day. Somehow the drawing Three Schools of Art.

Here before my chalk board and I would did not look like a woman. It looked 34 professionals gave instruction in Fortunately, I did — for five dollars Portrait drawing has also brought drama, music and art at a modest fee. Thank goodness. For instance, I would draw one after work, my energy always I half-mused later. The number of students I had not seen before.

I would use children and portrait drawing are ranged from five to fifteen, with a this phenomenon to reassure myself not congruent. My husband and I live model at the front. But I work. It always amazed me how years. Some city for ten years, no-one there knew see that crease or shadow the first students were very good at sketch- that I liked to draw faces. For twelve time around. And no matter what day it was, I have also found it funny that when Portrait drawing requires a period their style remained the same.

Each drawing a child, I would sometimes of tranquility and this I did not have. Those who ents that I had not noticed before. Time was not recreated beneath my hands. I had noticed. Later when I found myself surrounded by sev- eyes of my subject to see its detail.

Brandy stood next to her father, I eral classmates, oohing or awing at a It would appear three-dimensional, could hardly see this resemblance portrait which I was working and I could almost feel the life force between the two, but in the partial on.

I took a lot of pleasure in this. I felt a fondness portrait it was very clear. One model asked me if she could buy for my subjects. And I sold it to her for a dollar. But my greatest thrill was them. I was thrilled when one of seeing the portrait which I did of my sketches, of a young Indian Albert Einstein, displayed in the Portrait drawing had run like a woman, looked just like the model.

It drove me with a sense of continuity in me crazy, though. Using my special good times and bad. And now, after Time continued to march on, and razor, I could never sharpen the twenty-five years of it, I had to stop. This charcoal to a fine enough point. And time it was to Eretz Yisrael. We set- But I bided my time. We moved to whenever I drew, my hand resting on tled in Raanana, and like a loyal Oklahoma in the United States.

So I gave up on fancy tools followed me here. And as I draw, twins, were in kindergarten, I was in my private drawings and stuck I have this enduring feeling whose finally able to resume portrait to low tech pencils. They hardly message I would like to share with drawing.

And to my amazement, smeared, and correcting an error you. And had ever been. They even more We are not to be harmed! I wanted my future chil- drawings convey the specialness of I was puzzled. Some people offered dren to feel that they had a special, human beings. And for this reason, that motherhood must have blessed unusual, mother.

If I could sell a I draw with my heart as well as me with a maturity in seeing that I few portraits, I thought, then this my hands. Perhaps would satisfy my criteria. Over The coronavirus pandemic Seizing an opportunity in a crisis, the years, a polite system has devel- has changed all that.

After all, invitation, pay our modest entrance by a curator or artist. You can purchase making and is available for you to copies of the photos and read what visit virtually now and until the end the artists themselves have to say of In fact, after group in the north now, following watching the Zoom recording, I was the success of the exhibition — immediately inspired to take my you can contact Brian Dodds phone and an old glass bottle outside on or find details into the mid-afternoon sunshine, to on the ESRA website.

Hedva Stop observed the genie released from the bottle in , and not just metaphorically. The judging com- from severe emotional renovated facility next year. Baer, in conjunction with a recent Eli Zagury. The event, which featured artwork ESRA Magazine first wrote about of both students and professional Says one of the student exhibitors: The Garage at its inception in Taking part in the project Haam Street, Tel Aviv. I can help and professional success. Students careers.

It is that are not Aviv. The building, earmarked for supported by Bituach Leumi and the centered on art. We want is a decorator in a ceramics shop. Rather, looking for volunteers to serve as to be big in the idea of The Garage — it is a program that encourages professional and career mentors. Winter covered with a melted brown crayon. C an you imagine an Israel with no chocolate chips, pizza or potato chips?

I remember him handing I was Our first home in Israel blustery day when my sweet tooth me the Crembo he had received was with Doda Rivka in her three- was demanding attention, I inno- at a Hannukkah party. I tasted it. Were Crembos an religious quarter of Jerusalem. I used to watch ting redder.

For those of you who are yeshiva boys in their black hats pneumonia? They would come to crazy Americans It was always served tom first, you make a mezonot. It took us a while to with their red and black schoolbags once they hit the shelves. We keep realize that only the red syrup was hanging from their backs.

I waited them in the freezer, they taste better called petel. I used to wonder if in line too. What was it? And if you buy the package they all drank from the same glass. There was a big so much better for the environment. It was covered in chocolate. I stepped up to If you are more of a do-it-yourselfer, a torn piece of cardboard. May we have said, handing the fragile thing to me. Then I bit into my first it had been in the window since last Susie Aziz Pam is the author of Galilee and last Crembo.

Shaving cream year. The frames have an integral hinge and snap together with a click. One of her projects was a prosthetic swimming aid for people motor limitations play card games who have lost a hand. It connects to as independently as possible, has a their arm, rather like a spoon, and first-hand knowledge of what it is to makes swimming easier. She has ADHD herself and understands the social, At Beit Issie Shapiro, where she vol- The set also includes a holder for as well as physical difficulties it unteers, she has devised Purim cos- placing the deck of cards, standing can entail.

The compo- prevent her from doing IDF service, nents of MagnaCard enable players and she spent 10 years in the army to play a variety of card games with working in the field of communica- little, if any, assistance. Then they tions and technology with the can participate on equal terms with Orr Joffe Givati Brigade. They came with The main inconvenience was that a list that they had taken from the we were very close to a German I t is a fact that thanks to the help of the Catholic church, my family was saved, along with some registry of the Jewish community.

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