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Bettingzone cricket

bettingzone cricket

for foreach() in /home/virtual/vps-c50fd2/8/80c92c/public_html/templates/misc/ on line Football · Cricket · F1 · Rugby · Betting Zone. There is a separate betting zone at The cricket portal offers gifts, including pens, lighter, T-shirts and a free trip. The Betting Zone will keep fans up to date each week on the hot tips for Premiership betting and 4thegame's resident tipster will keep fans. HIGH RISK REWARD FOREX NEWS

There is a separate betting zone at cricketbets. The cricket portal offers gifts, including pens, lighter, T-shirts and a free trip abroad for points accumulated. Sites like www. The main reason is the recent match-fixing scandal and poor Internet infrastructure in India, besides a bit of scepticism on how the whole thing works through the Internet Bookies, too, are critical about the Net bet.

Even confides that, offline, rates are better, at least for the Indian players. They, however, contend that the future of betting may lie in routers in the World Cup. On the one hand, there is all the official activity and controversy surrounding the official sponsorship, which I will not go into. On the other hand, there are the losing bidders who resort to what is called 'ambush' marketing so that they don't lose out on a captive audience. The most famous 'ambush' of an official sponsor was Pepsi's 'Nothing official about it' campaign; since then the tricks of ambush-advertisers are rapidly creating new case law in the entertainment industry and are providing business to consultants and lawyers employed in devising defensive strategy.

Apart from World Cup merchandising, television companies and game-specific advertising, you see restaurants and bars working overtime to drag people into their eateries with the lure of large projection screens and special World Cup menus. If you add World Cup-related tourism to this cast of cricket ancillaries, the business runs into a few billion rupees. All these elements play a major role in priming the public to expect and demand six weeks of pure adrenalin pumping excitement.

It also sets people up for exaggerated anger and disappointment when matches end up in humiliating defeat. Think of the cricket-crazy viewers for a moment. Every single over that they watch on the screen finishes with a pulsating advertisement, showing some cricketing idol lofting a thrilling sixer or taking an acrobatic catch.

Cut to the actual game and he shuffling back to the pavilion having thrown away his wicket without scoring. A few dozen overs later, the advertisements begin to irritate so much that they end up feeding viewers' fury. But all this fades into insignificance, when you look at the biggest feeder of cricket mania -- I am talking about all the massive lucre attached to cricket betting.

Here is how it works. The all-India gross bets placed per match are anywhere between Rs 2,, crore Rs billion depending on the teams. Mumbai alone accounts for nearly Rs , crore Rs billion of betting volumes per match. Although betting is illegal in India, almost anybody who can get an introduction to a bookie can place a bet. Like most informal systems the default rate is near negligible because the mafia men usually act as recovery agents.

Interestingly, the market is completely unaffected by the various expose of cricketers involved in fixing matches. Bets are accepted on the match result, on which team or players will bat first, who will win the toss, score a century, capture the maximum wickets, et cetera. There are bets on the outcome of each over and every ball; then there are the huge odds on unlikely events such as hat-tricks, fifties and centuries.

The bookies decide the cut-off limit for each individual depending on his personal assessment of the person's net worth. The bookies net the bets and tally positions at the end of each day.

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