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Ufc 167 betting predictions for today

ufc 167 betting predictions for today

Post your Boxing, UFC, MMA, Pride Fighting, MMA, Strikeforce and all other "fight" UFC GSP vs Hendricks Picks and Predictions!!! by akatdrake. UFC Handicapping | Betting Preview | Free UFC Picks unstoppable and his jab is one of the most effective weapons in the sport today. Anderson is a favorite (risk $ to win $), while Blachowicz is a + underdog in the Anderson vs. Blachowicz odds. In the co-main. WALKOVER TENNIS BETTING RULES

He says he overtrained and fatigued early in the first meeting and vows he will redeem himself in the rematch. But the fifth-ranked Anderson has told observers to expect an even more dominant showing Saturday as a potential title bout awaits the winner. Blachowicz odds. Marley predicted that Jones' edge in wrestling could be the difference, and the champion cited his takedowns as the turning point in his unanimous-decision victory.

Anyone who has consistently followed Marley is way up. He's sharing those selections right here. Anderson vs. Blachowicz preview Marley knows the main event will play a pivotal role in the future of the light heavyweight division. Last week, Jones specifically mentioned Anderson as a viable contender for a title shot, provided he wins Saturday's bout.

Marley calls Anderson "one of the best wrestlers in the division," while acknowledging Blachowicz has the power to land a knockout. The year-old Anderson is a six-year UFC veteran with a record in the promotion. In recent bouts, he has worked in more striking and ground-and-pound to augment his wrestling-heavy style.

The results have been impressive, as he scored a first-round knockout over highly-touted prospect Johnny Walker in November. Pierre is known for taking guys down and grinding them into dust and he gets criticized heavily for it. But you can't blame him, just because no one in the division is good enough to stop him. Should he risk a multimillion-dollar endorsement deal just to bang it out on the feet and silence a few dopes on the Internet? I wouldn't.

But even if he can't take "Bigg Rigg" to the floor, he's still the superior striker. His footwork, head movement and spatial awareness are the result of working with the best trainers in the world, like Freddie Roach. That's because he can afford them. To the victor belong the spoils. And you don't beat 11 of the world's best pound fighters -- in a row -- by being a paper tiger. Pierre is a complete fighter who can win no matter where the fight goes.

Instead of asking how "Rush" is going to find a way to avoid the big left hand over the course of 25 minutes, we should instead be asking how Hendricks is going to find a way to land it. Johny is a tough guy with a ton of heart, but he's going to be outclassed on fight night. Final prediction: St. Pierre def. Hendricks via unanimous decision lbs. Chael Sonnen Nostradumbass predicts: I've been trying to find one area in this fight where Chael Sonnen has the upper hand and I'm having difficulty.

Let's be serious here. Chael has 10 fights under the UFC banner and zero wins by knockout or technical knockout. You can go ahead and add his three bouts for World Extreme Cagefighting WEC , as well, because you won't find any there, either. He's not a striker, that's not his thing. Sonnen is great at taking middleweights guys down and beating them up. That's probably why he'll win round one of this fight, because Evans is a slow starter and will likely be surprised at how aggressive his opponent is right out of the gate.

But once he gets his bearings, the tide is going to turn fairly quickly. And Rashad has not been submitted in 21 professional fights, so we can forget about that happening. You can say all kinds of things about "Suga" having an advantage in speed and power and you would be right , but this fight is much simpler for me to break down. Despite a first-round finish over a decrepit Mauricio Rua , Sonnen is just not a light heavyweight.

He's a middleweight who doesn't have to cut. In addition, he's not fighting for his life, his job or his future. This is a paycheck to keep his wife happy while he's in Brazil for four months coaching against Wanderlei Silva. That's the fight he wants to win, not this one, and I have a feeling he's already checked out, because a decision loss to Evans does nothing to interrupt the trajectory of his career.

I hope Rashad sends him a fruit basket for this freebie. Final prediction: Evans def. Sonnen via unanimous decision lbs. I'm referring, of course, to the vaunted comeback of Robbie Lawler, who has been nothing short of a welterweight killing machine since dropping a weight class and getting back into the Octagon. But what, exactly, did those two wins tell us that we didn't already know?

I don't think it's a revelation that Lawler hits hard and can knock people out. He's been doing it his entire career. I'm sure he's a little faster now and a bit more nimble with his new physique, but being quicker with your hands does not do anything to fix your submission game and to me, that's still a glaring weakness.

I can't image a camp as intelligent as TriStar allowing this to devolve into a fist fight. And MacDonald has something to prove. He may act blase over his summer stinker against Jake Ellenberger , but when a fighter gets criticized by UFC President Dana White , it stick with them. This is about winning. Lawler is going to come out and be aggressive and it wouldn't surprise me to see him wobble his younger foe, but sooner or later power will yield to technique, as MacDonald capitalizes on his opponent's misplaced zeal to lock up a fight-ending submission.

Final prediction: MacDonald def. When I first read the headline, I actually thought it was a joke. It kinda sounds like one, doesn't it? Sure, he lost two in a row, but one of those losses was a bogus split decision to Johny Hendricks, who is widely-considered the second-best welterweight on the planet. That shit happens. But I'm not writing him off just yet.

He's fought some very tough opposition and I don't see anything on his record that screams "career decline. I give him props for a terrific performance against Jay Hieron , but "The Thoroughbred" is not anywhere near the top 10 in his division.

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Best Bets for UFC 280: Oliveira vs. Makhachev \u0026 Sterling vs. Dillashaw - ESPN MMA


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Best Bets for UFC 280: Oliveira vs. Makhachev \u0026 Sterling vs. Dillashaw - ESPN MMA

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