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Reddit ethereum mining pool

reddit ethereum mining pool

Monero Supporters Beg XMR Miners to Boycott Mining Pool Capturing 44% of the Reddit Introduces ETH-Based Community Points Beta Program With Custom. r/EtherMining: Discussion of mining the cryptocurrency Ethereum. Ask questions or receive news about about Proof of Memes POM Mining Pool Live. Pool. I'm currently using F2Pool, I like the pool its great, but everywhere I read the pool fees tend to be on the high side of other pools. i was. BITCOIN BROADCAST RAW TRANSACTION

If your submitted shares are no longer part of this queue of N shares, you will not get any rewards. It does not matter if you stop mining or start mining a different algorithm. Once a miner leaves the pool, the shares will stay on the queue, but the miner will only actually get paid if these shares are still on the queue when the pool finds a block. Evidently, after ETH moves to PoS, the pool will be unable to find any new blocks, so this means that miners will not get paid in full for any of the shares that were still on the queue by the time The Merge happened.

Each pool has its own queue size and the number of miners submitting shares also impacts how long your shares stay on the queue, but we recommend moving your miners to NiceHash at least 1 day before The Merge. The payout frequency If you are constantly switching between pools, it will take you much longer to reach the minimum payout amount for any of them.

This will mean that you have a decent amount of money locked up and potentially losing value as the markets swing. Aside from the minimum payout amount, pools usually lock your funds for many hours and sometimes days , while the blocks that were found get confirmed, further delaying your access to the coins. For miners, getting paid in Bitcoin and exchanging to their favorite cryptocurrency will be much less work and much more stable.

At NiceHash you can get paid every 4 hours, giving you great control over your funds, and then trade with NiceX in supported countries without the need to pay transaction fees. Conclusion In summary, the best option miners will have to stay profitable after Ethereum is to use NiceHash and its automatic algorithm switching.

This ensures that miners are always mining the most profitable algorithm all the time. It also gives you higher stability and control over your funds, as you can get paid every 4 hours and immediately withdraw or use your Bitcoin to trade your favorite coin with NiceX.

As always, feel free to join our Reddit page and Discord server! Like this article? Since the dificulty bomb increases difficulty only on every couple of days. A couple of months ago we could see the effects of the difficulty bomb on the mining rewards. The effects of difficulty bomb on mining rewards is very well explained in this article. Note that this will probably not happen this time as the merge is scheduled soon after the difficulty bomb will be triggered.

BTW, you can check Ethereum Merge countdown here. Once this is reached, the next block on the Ethereum blockchain will be validated by Proof of Stake consensus instead of Proof of Work. We might see a day or two of delay of The Merge. It might not happen exactly on the 15th of September as it depends on the amount of hashing power on the Ethereum network.

So, what to expect will happen with mining profitability after the Ethereum Merge? Ethereum has a very huge total computational power on its network. Daily mining volume is the total mined coins in a day, multiplied by its price. This will likely to happen after The Merge: Disclaimer: This is an educated guess and does not necessarily mean that events will take place in the exact manner.

The difficulty will increase there too, so it will make it way less profitable. Nethash and difficulty will increase, profits will decrease. Because the miners will drop off the previous coins, the difficulty will decrease on these coins, profitability will increase slightly back again.

I expect that this process will continue until the profitability of all the coins will be equal. Give or take. We will see a couple of weeks of huge difficulty adjustments on most of the GPU minable coins. After this period, mining profitability will be very dependent on the price of the coin. Once the price of the coin will increase, so will the profitability, thus miners will be switching to mine this project. Since there will be briefly more miners mining it, the difficulty will increase and the profitability will decrease again.

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Use the example config from the package, otherwise you will get errors on start because of JSON comments. Advanced users only. It's tricky to make it right and secure. Should save electricity to miners if pool is sick and they didn't set up failovers.

Only redis writeable slave will work properly if you are distributing using redis slaves. Very advanced. Usually all modules should share same redis instance. Pool will try to get work from first alive one and check in background for failed to back up. Current block template of the pool is always cached in RAM indeed. Advanced users I recommend this deployment strategy: Mining instance - 1x it depends, you can run one node for EU, one for US, one for Asia Unlocker and payouts instance - 1x each strict!

API instance - 1x Notes Unlocking and payouts are sequential, 1st tx go, 2nd waiting for 1st to confirm and so on. You can disable that in code. Also, keep in mind that unlocking and payouts will halt in case of backend or node RPC errors. In that case check everything and restart. They both are different mining. NiceHash uses switch algo to mine the crytop that gives max profit, the return is always in bit coins for you.

In this you are not mining your self truely any block, but you get paid for the resource you share. Ethereum on the other hand is mining and ethereum. What are the best mining pools? What is the best Ethereum mining pool? Currently, it is the pool with the highest joint hash power among all mining nodes.

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Most Profitable Ethereum Mining Pool

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