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Crypto currency thief

crypto currency thief

The self-proclaimed artist and rapper is said to have bought NFTs with the stolen cryptocurrency. Sarah Cascone, February 9, Cryptocurrency hacks are getting bigger. On Sunday, a hacker exploited a new algorithmic stablecoin project called Beanstalk and drained it. Hackers have returned nearly half of the $ million they stole in what's likely to be one of the biggest cryptocurrency thefts ever. The. SPORTS BETTING LAS VEGAS FOOTBALL

That's what happened last week when Celsius, a cryptocurrency exchange facing bankruptcy, leaked an enormous collection of its users' transaction data through an unusual sort of privacy breach: a court filing. As part of its bankruptcy proceedings—in which the company's owners are accused of pulling tens of millions of dollars worth of crypto out of the exchange before revealing its insolvency —the company's attorneys released a document that appears to include the transaction data of half a million of its users from April of this year until it ceased trading in June.

That database was briefly posted as a 14,page PDF to the court records website PACER before being taken down—but not before Gizmodo copied it to the Internet Archive, where it was widely downloaded before being removed there, too. Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. The data dump includes the names and transaction details of Celsius' users along with the dates and amounts of each payment.

The database doesn't include the cryptocurrency addresses that directly identify senders and recipients on cryptocurrencies' blockchains, but the unique payment amounts, detailed down to more than a dozen decimal places of precision in many cases, nonetheless make it possible to match the payments to blockchains' records. All of that means that the Celsius leak offers a rare gift to both professional and amateur cryptocurrency tracers, allowing them to not only see Celsius users' transactions, but also identify and trace those users' funds across blockchains.

That could potentially open new possibilities to identify scammers, hackers, or any other illicit users who might have exploited Celsius as a cash-out service for ill-gotten coins. But it also opens Celsius' users to exploitation by any rip-off artist or thief who combs through the data, connects it to other accounts, and identifies their cryptocurrency holdings as a ripe target. Anonymised crime reports provided to the Guardian by City of London police, as part of a freedom of information request, reveal criminals are combining physical muscle with digital knowhow to part people from their cryptocurrency.

In another case, a man was approached by a group of people offering to sell him cocaine and agreed to go down an alley with them to do the deal. The men offered to type a number into his phone but instead accessed his cryptocurrency account, holding him against a wall and forcing him to unlock a smartphone app with facial verification.

The victim was using his phone in the pub and believed thieves saw him type in his account pin, the report said. Cryptocurrency transfers are irreversible , unlike a bank transfer, making this type of crime more attractive to thieves. You can reverse the transaction.

He said the nature of cryptocurrency, where transactions are logged on the blockchain, meant police should, in theory, be able to track stolen crypto.

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