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Nicole bettinger aachen cathedral

nicole bettinger aachen cathedral

Photo by Nicole Fry Kathleen Quigley takes a break between classes. Quigley, an agricultural economics major, took agriculture classes hoping to someday. Nicole Rachel Kozloff, M.D.. Sabine Krabbe, Ph.D. Tawny L. Bettinger, Pharm.D. John L. Beyer, M.D. RWTH Aachen University, Germany. If you wish to visit the Basilica you will be able to do so from Aachen. Presented by: Arpad Abraham, European University Institute. SLOW MONEY INVESTING

Furthermore, Rosemarie is extremely involved with her community. She serves as an usher and is a member of St. Carmel Ladies Auxiliary. She is also a member of the Club and the Verplanck Seniors Club. Looking ahead, Rosemarie looks to care for others even in her retirement. In addition, she plans to spend more time enjoying her hobbies including, knitting, crocheting, reading, and watching movies. COM Cynthia M. Francis Palumbo, M. An integral part of the Spring Valley Pediatrics staff, Dr. Palumbo is dedicated to providing excellence in all aspects of infant, child, adolescent and young adult medical care.

His scope of practice extends from prenatal visits and newborn hospital check-ups, to comprehensive medical care for children and young adults. Palumbo is consistently accessible to his patients, taking pride in his availability twentyfour hours a day every day throughout the year.

He presently maintains his connection to Georgetown in his role as an Associate Professor of Pediatrics. As a direct result of his professionalism and commitment to the field of Pediatric Medicine, Dr. Palumbo earned his M. He is presently a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Chemistry Thomas M. Thomas possesses extensive expertise in the areas of mass spectrometric analysis and data interpretation, with a special focus on metabolite identification. He is co-author of 75 scientific journal articles and 3 book chapters. Novartis Oncology is passionate about the discovery and development of innovative medicines and seeks to provide a broad range of new therapies as well as practical solutions to advance the care of patients.

With nearly 7, employees operating in 55 countries, Novartis Oncology has a truly global reach. The company has the advantage of extraordinarily talented and globally diverse employees who, through shared goals and different perspectives, are dedicated to transforming the lives of patients living with cancer around the world. In his role as a Clinical Quality Control Manager with Novartis Oncology, Stefan is directly responsible for quality indicators, Process Improvement and resolving deviations and findings in oncology clinical research.

He also holds a BS in General Biology from the same institution. Margo holds a D. Degree from Temple University School of Pharmacy. Wood China Appointment ceremony at which Dr. F or many Western companies, especially smaller ones, the prospect of doing business with China is both tantalizing and terrifying. It seems that hardly a week goes by without a new high-speed rail link being opened or another air terminal being modernized and ATMs are more visible than they were prior to the Beijing Olympics.

Thankfully, Western toilets are also more available making visits to China more comfortable. But practical problems remain when it comes to doing business. For example, many Western manufacturers are reluctant to offer their product for sale in China because they feel it will immediately be copied.

This provokes them into making two, unreasonable business demands. This is due to the understandable concern that it may be difficult to collect from a company whose creditworthiness cannot be checked. While this lack of trust is quite understandable, we have seen the other side of the coin in Chinese factories.

Amongst the more progressive ones with good equipment, it is usually possible to find an expensive piece of Western machinery mothballed away and not functioning. We have had the privilege of visiting factories in China which rival anything that can be seen in the West in terms of cleanliness, health and safety and up-to-date technology. Although these factories may be located in cities with unfamiliar names such as Jinan, Hangzhou, Wuhan or Huizhou, workers are expected to don protective suits almost like spacesuits covering hair, footwear and clothes.

They may be then subject to biometric checks facial recognition and finger prints and required to pass through an air shower before venturing into the production area. Seeing is believing and sometimes a personal visit by the client is required to inspire the requisite degree of confidence leading to acceptance of a fair and justifiable price. And talking of contracts, agreements or any legally binding documents, an immediate problem surfaces regarding any reference to the laws which will prevail in the event of a dispute.

Occasionally, Hong Kong law proves mutually acceptable because it is based on British law and yet Hong Kong courts are conveniently close to China. However, it is a little-known fact that since becoming a full member of the World Trade Organization in , China is acutely aware of its unfortunate reputation and works hard to mitigate the reluctance of trading partners. It has established a very good reputation for impartiality coupled with a strong willingness to side with the Western partner in the interest of breaking down barriers to trade.

From the perspective of Chinese companies wishing to offer their products to export markets, there are similar hurdles to overcome. Not least of these is the reputation that China has for cheap goods of www. This is notas straight forward as it might appear. We have learned from the Venetians bankers of the Renaissance and implemented a cashless giro system of credits and debits using bank accounts in China, Hong Kong and USA.

We have even found it necessary to offer escrow services to Chinese companies who trust us to hold and release funds at the appropriate time. Ever since the time of Marco Polo, China and the West have been mutually fascinated with each other and both sides have understood that trading relationships can be mutually profitable. This is equally true today and we at Wood and Associates International are committed to facilitating those relationships by fostering trust and confidence on both sides.

What we have learned in the process is that another characteristic is essential for the process to work and that is perseverance. Cultural differences clash here in spectacular fashion. Dawn brings over 25 years of experience in the banking sector to her current role with FIS. She specializes in the areas of Operations and Management. Her years of banking experience allows her to provide in-depth knowledge of the industry, which has assisted in retaining business and bringing in new clients.

Business and Finance Patricia A. Bernasconi Sr. In addition, Patricia has served as an Expert Witness Testimony on Investment Management, and has done a variety of speaking in a public forum on numerous industry panels. Eastern Planning, Inc. In , Beth took over as CEO of the company and grew the firm to its present scope, serving hundreds of clients nationwide. She takes her responsibilities seriously, and believes in being there — face to face — every step of the way, year after year.

She feels very strongly that the Eastern Planning family becomes a part of the families of clients. Beth continuously takes pride in helping clients use their financial resources wisely to make their retirement years become the best years of their lives. In her current position, Beth is an IRA and distribution expert, counseling near-retirees on proactive financial management.

She focuses on helping women to develop strong financial literacy and guides each client to take an active role in creating their own customized investment portfolio. In addition, Beth lectures at local colleges, offers regular workshops, and has hosted the weekly internet show, Taking Control: Financial Independence for Women. She is presently a member of Ed Slott Master Elite Advisors, an organization of financial advisors who are dedicated to being among leaders in the IRA industry.

Nancy currently provides services for Businesses and Residential Homes across the globe. In addition, www. Navy Veteran. Globally, Wachovia served clients in corporate and institutional sectors and through more than 40 international offices. Founded in Winston-Salem, N. Wachovia provided a broad range of retail banking and brokerage, asset and wealth management, and corporate and investment banking products and services to customers through 3, retail financial centers in 21 states, along with nationwide retail brokerage, mortgage lending, and auto finance businesses.

Louise began her career with Wachovia as a Bank Teller over three decades ago. Throughout her career, she was promoted numerous times, finally retiring as the Vice President, Operations. In this role, Louise was directly responsible for Leadership in Operations. She currently maintains affiliation with the National Association of Professional Women and as previously served as the Chairman of the local March of Dimes Walk.

Charles has been in the financial industry since and is authorized by the Internal Revenue Service to legally represent before the IRS in response to letters, audits and appeals. In his current position, Charles provides tax planning and consultation, tax preparation, as well as representation before the IRS.

Enrolled Agent certification. This is the term the IRS uses for a person who passes the rigorous Special Enrollment exam offered by the Treasury Department which allows anyone who passes the test to legally represent clients before the IRS. Charles earned his B. Xavier and is currently a member of the N. Martha F. Lee, P. Hal B. Howard Consultant Retired H. Janice D. Raymond E. Barbara A.

Holly Law Office Tandy G. Hegemier Attorney Shustak and Partners, P. Joyce A. Patrick A. Heelan William A. Jacobson Isabelle J. Johnson Infection Preventionist Clifford V. Lindsay R. Katonya M. In addition, Raymond has served as an instructor for various general audit courses and has also participated in a working group of several other large regional firms dealing with various compliance and reporting issues.

He also spent two years as a controller for a dyestuff manufacturer, where he was responsible for overseeing all financial areas of the Company including benefit plan administration. As a result, Raymond brings a unique blend of audit and practical experience to clients in several different industries. Susan earned her M. Established in , Franklin Bank has been serving the banking needs of its community for over years. In order to attain a 4-Star rating, the bank is required to file a detailed financial report with federal regulators four times a year.

Bauer Financial then subjects this information to a thorough analysis and compares it with historical data for consistency. Upon completion of the analysis, a star-rating is assigned. As Vice President of Franklin Bank, Carol brings over thirty-one years of experience to her current position. Working in the banking industry since and with Franklin Bank for more than three decades, Carol has amassed exceptional knowledge in her field. In addition, Carol expertly works with all areas of the banking organization as a computer liaison with primary and secondary vendors.

In this capacity, Carol ensures that the bank is able to supply the most effective and efficient services to its valued customers. Her most recent accomplishment in the field of Banking was in a leadership position where she was asked to lead a talented and dedicated team successfully through a full core computer conversion. She is in charge of all aspects of accounting and human resources for AguaFina and is familiar with Landscape Design.

She and her husband teach Sunday School at her church. Tonya is married to Billy Klauser and has two daughters, Caitlyn, 14 and Victoria, In addition, Tariq works continuously on partnership and affiliation agreements and delivering tailor-made services to suit the complex requirements of their sub-departments.

In his current position, Tariq specializes in business www. Advanced Solutions In Logistics, Inc. The company delivers a competitive advantage by strategizing, developing, and implementing programs in Supply Chain Sustainability, Service Logistics, Transportation Management, Remarketing and Liquidation, Reverse Logistics, Recycling, and Program Management to help clients achieve their desired results.

Michael is recognized as an expert in defining and enabling new business concepts to all aspects of operations. He has implemented numerous business control systems that have driven cost reductions, increased overall organizational effectiveness, and improved asset performance. For more information, please visit www. Maxiom Group Life Sciences Division of Collaborative Consulting provides pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and healthcare consulting services that help companies solve mission-critical business issues at each stage of their life cycle.

The company is a leading business and IT consulting firm serving the life sciences industry, helping emerging, established and mature biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies transform their businesses to achieve success at each stage of their life cycle. This division of Collaborative works with companies from drug discovery and clinical development stages, through commercial launch and sustained market leadership.

Olin Graduate School of Business and also holds a B. Consulting Basil I. Basil has a wealth of experience with over 25 years in Executive Management roles, spanning a diverse range of markets. Having also run his own business and consulting practice Basil has experience in Retail, Manufacturing, and Wholesale sectors in Corporate, SME and Consulting environments. This experience provided a sound foundation to understand the needs of the business owner and respective buyers.

In his current position with Link Business Broking, Inc. Basil understands what key drivers affect businesses and will work with both parties to ensure that the transition is done in a way that the business is not negatively impacted and the future is secured. He has the thorough understanding and knowledge to assist clients in procuring or selling a business.

Founded in , his established worldwide network has helped him form Parliament Lifestyle Management Company. He brings his clients the best products and services from around the country with the best savings!

Morris has 12 years of experience in lifestyle management. He began his profession through his background in the management of customer service operations within the financial industry. He transitioned into the hospitality industry which include sales in all business sectors. These relationships helped him to create and continues to maintain an extensive database of loyal, high-profile corporate decision-makers and high net worth clientele from around the world.

With these relationships they deliver the best products and services around the country with the best savings! A sample of their products include: hotels, travel air fare, limosine and exotic car rental services, private jet rentals , VIP tickets to concerts and sporting events and fine art. Their corporate members experience, branding, social media marketing, merchant processing, the highest quality copy machines, and financing to form and develop existing and start up companies.

At this time, he has been concentrating his time and efforts in offering to his clients colored diamonds with a unique relationship with the Argyle diamond mine located in Western Australia. As a result of this unique relationship, Parliament LMC is able to offer a wide range of naturally colored diamonds at exceptional price points, asset consultation services, aggressive trade in plans and complete portfolio management services to their clients. Owned by the publically traded company Rio Tinto is in its twilight of its lifespan.

Recently reported that certain shades of pink vivid, deep and intense are virtually non-existent from their new underground and surface mines. The interview focused on colored diamonds. As a result of his knowledge of luxury in Miami Beach and other parts of the country, he helped her complete the remaining segment focusing on Miami Beach and the luxuries that it has to offer vacationers.

This information coupled with the unpredicted drops in the price of gold equates to incredible price increases on all shades of pink diamonds regardless of size. The upside ROI potential and limited downside risk opportunities come once in a lifetime.

The deeper or more intense the color diamond the more valuable the stone. Colored diamonds may be produced with a blend of colors which make those stones ever more unique. It is that is soon to be aired in China. They make us the individuals that we are today. Time is the most valuable asset. It cannot be bought. With over 30 years of practical experience in operations and general management, Claude launched Stratmark Integra Inc.

He currently specializes in the areas of Repositioning; Strategic Growth; Company Restructuring and turn around, Acquisitions; as well as Business Value creation initiatives for Shareholders. Claude is well known for his ability in the fields of Strategic development, Finance, Marketing, Mergers and Restructuring.

Before launching Stratmark, Claude was the Owner and Manager of a Quebec enterprise involved in the manufacturing of ultra-specialized paper with sales in 60 countries. His positions prior to Domtar include a role as President of Noma Inc. Claude is a graduate of Laval University and attended several developmental activities at Harvard Business School. He is also a graduate of the Deming Quality progam. Presently, he serves on the Board of Directors of numerous companies and acts as a strategic advisor to several family companies.

In her spare time, Pamela enjoys volunteering, playing solitaire, painting, drawing, and flower arranging. In her current position, Carolyn helps companies increase their competitive strength by implementing quality management systems and leading certification to national and international standards. She has been an IRCA certified Lead Auditor for 6 years, performing gap-analysis on companies preparing for external registration.

Additionally, Carolyn consults with companies that have problems in their management systems. In this capacity, she works with management to find solutions and closure of problems. Schlechtweg, Dominik; Schulte im Walde, Sabine Distribution-based prediction of the degree of grammaticalization for German prepositions in C.

Cuskley; M. Flaherty; H. Little; Luke McCrohon; A. Ravignani and T. Selimi, Lavdrim Analyzing different strategies of classifier combination for sentiment analysis Masterarbeit. Zellers, Margaret; Schweitzer, Antje Exploring prosodic and conversational context factors in pitch perception in Proceedings of Speech Prosody , Poznan. Tagungsband der Dogil, A. Schweitzer; supervisor: Natalie Lewandowski.

Balogh and W. Petersen, editors, Bridging formal and conceptual semantics. Schweitzer, Katrin; Walsh, Michael; Schweitzer, Antje To see or not to see: Interlocutor visibility and likeability influence convergence in intonation in Proceedings of Interspeech , Stockholm. Stehwien, Sabrina; Vu, Ngoc Thang First step towards enhancing word embeddings with pitch accent features for DNN-based slot filling on recognized text in Tagungsband der Metzler, Stuttgart, Germany.

Zellers, Margaret; Schweitzer, Antje An investigation of pitch matching across adjacent turns in a corpus of spontaneous German in Proceedings of Interspeech , Stockholm. Tagung Phonetik und Phonologie im deutschsprachigen Raum pp. Kremer, Gerhard Verstehen Computer Sprache?

Seit Gedichte -- Kurzprosa -- Sprachdaten. Richardson, Kyle; Kuhn, Jonas Learning to make inferences in a semantic parsing task Transactions of the Association of Computational Linguistics 4 1 Schlechtweg, D. Italian Journal of Computational Linguistics 2 1 Studies from German-Speaking Europe pp.

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