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Bitcoin greece

bitcoin greece

Russian money launderer Alexander Vinnik was put on an airplane to the United States on Thursday after being extradited by Greece, where he. Bitcoin ATMs in Greece. Total number of Bitcoin ATMs / Tellers in Greece: Coins: Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning BTC (LBTC) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Ether (ETH). Is cryptocurrency legal in Greece? Freeman Law can help with digital currencies and tax compliance. Schedule a free consultation! BETTING MARKETS 2022 FORD

However, it should be understood that it is not the majority of Greek people that have caused these problems. Instead, much of the corruption is committed by some of the Greek upper middle class and higher lower class misused the system to further their own egoistic goals. It is chronic corruption and egotistical behavior that is the core of the problem.

However that is not the case. Spain and Portugal are also struggling, but in no way as much as Greece, even today. So what is wrong with Greece? For those who think that we suggest that they pack their bags and actually talk to people. Mainly these people are making claims out of ignorance. It is also quite notable that the original instigators of the Greece crisis remain out of the hot seat Greek politicians, US banks and others.

Another noteworthy development, and one that is firmly silenced by corporate media, is that big business and the wealthy elite are buying up lands in Greece. This raises more questions about the Greek crisis and gives a lot of food for thought. The current crisis is a high value ego tripping poker game that the current Greek minister of finance is playing. On the one hand Varoufakis is running away from negotiations on multiple occasions, not offering a constructive solution or counter proposal, etc.

There is no job creation to speak of, no attempt to draw in big companies other than buying up land , no initiatives or supportive actions for Greek population to better their living conditions etc. Solutions: Bitcoin and Other Alternatives One of the main reasons is that corruption was able to take root, mainly because there was no transparency to speak of and the misuse of certain laws. If a blockchain like protocol is incorporated into systems that deals with payments of workers, employees pensioners etc.

If someone dies the funds can be easily stopped. Another thing of note is that while the banks are closed in Greece at the moment and that EU withdrawals are limited, the only Bitcoin ATM in Athens, is fully operational and working. There have been a lot of discussions over Bitcoin and Greece. Personally I think that it is again more complex than a simple yes or no answer.

Bitcoin does offer a great deal of positive contributions to a country in need. However there are also some drawbacks. I also think that Greece should develop their own virtual currency that is partially backed up by certain assets. However these are my opinions. Another solution is that people should focus more in buying Greek grown and traditional Greek products.

For example farming, fishing and other activities are a safe bet, but of course you need some capital to start that up. A crowd funding round s can be started. That way, Greece will become less dependent from import and will become a bit more self-sufficient. Miss Maartje L. The parents distribute those items then to the people in need.

Meanwhile he is ignoring his civic duties and does not want to face facts, even if those facts were an elephant that was dressed in a pink tutu… The Greek people are suffering and the politicians are just talking and doing nothing, only making it worse.

I think that, for the short term, Greek people should convert some of their money to Bitcoin. I know they may not have a lot but view it as a kind of savings account even if it is only 1 euro at the end of the month. The Bitcoin price fluctuates enormously so it is possible to make from that 1 euro a 1. From the US banks to corrupt influences in the Greek society, all are contributing to the problems that Greece is currently facing. In so doing they avoid the state ordered bank shutdown and the daily withdrawal limits.

Also, blockhain like technologies will be able to stem the chronic corruption that has seeped in the Greek society but that is something for the long term. A lot of Europeans feel with the Greek people and try different things to help them. Both parties will need to let some points of their demands drop so that the people, who voted them into office, will not suffer more because of the aforementioned chest puffing and posturing. One solution that any Greek can take is to get some Bitcoins.

We also need to think about the industrial grounds that big businesses are buying up. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy publicly thanked the country's power workers for maintaining the electricity supply. In Zaporizhzhya, the Russians used Smerch rockets to strike the city overnight, the head of the regional military administration, Oleksandr Starukh, wrote on Telegram.

According to preliminary information, these were three projectiles of the Smerch multiple-launch rocket systems. There are no casualties," he wrote. Starukh said infrastructure was destroyed and a fire broke out but it was extinguished by emergency services.

Part of the southeastern Ukrainian region of Zaporizhzhya is under Russian occupation, but the homonymous regional capital remains in Ukrainian hands. Zaporizhzhya is one of four regions partially occupied by Russia that Moscow claims to have annexed last month following illegal referendums rejected by Ukraine and its Western allies as sham votes. Ukraine's General Staff said on October 27 that Kyiv had boosted its forces in the northern region near Belarus to counter any possible renewed Russian attack across the border.

Belarus is Moscow's main ally in the war against Ukraine and has allowed Russian forces to use its territory as a launching pad for the invasion. But there are and will be threats.

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