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Between a rock and a hard place pdf aron ralston

between a rock and a hard place pdf aron ralston

Read free book excerpt from Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Aron Ralston, page 1 of Hours: Between A Rock And A Hard Place [EPUB]. Authors: Aron Ralston; EPUB. Add to Wishlist; Share. views. Download Embed. (The name has since been changed to Hours: Between. Rock and Hard Place after the blockbuster release of Hours.) The letter was part of Aron's. ETHEREAL ELVEN RACEMENU 3 SKYRIM OVERHAUL

The going would be much easier if I didn't have this heavy pack on my back. I wouldn't normally carry twenty-five pounds of supplies and equipment on a bike ride, but I'm journeying out on a thirty-mile-long circuit of biking and canyoneering -- traversing the bottom of a deep and narrow canyon system -- and it will take me most of the day.

Besides a gallon of water stored in an insulated three-liter CamelBak hydration pouch and a one-liter Lexan bottle, I have five chocolate bars, two burritos, and a chocolate muffin in a plastic grocery sack in my pack.

I'll be hungry by the time I get back to my truck, for certain, but I have enough for the day. The truly burdensome weight comes from my full stock of rappelling gear: three locking carabiners, two regular carabiners, a lightweight combination belay and rappel device, two tied slings of half-inch webbing, a longer length of half-inch webbing with ten prestitched loops called a daisy chain, my climbing harness, a sixty-meter-long and ten-and-a-half-millimeter-thick dynamic climbing rope, twenty-five feet of one-inch tubular webbing, and my rarely used Leatherman-knockoff multi-tool with two pocketknife blades and a pair of pliers that I carry in case I need to cut the webbing to build anchors.

Also in my backpack are my headlamp, headphones, CD player and several Phish CDs, extra AA batteries, digital camera and mini digital video camcorder, and their batteries and protective cloth sacks. It adds up, but I deem it all necessary, even the camera gear. I enjoy photographing the otherworldly colors and shapes presented in the convoluted depths of slot canyons and the prehistoric artwork preserved in their alcoves. This trip will have the added bonus of taking me past four archaeological sites in Horseshoe Canyon that are home to hundreds of petroglyphs and pictographs.

The U. Congress added the isolated canyon to the otherwise contiguous Canyonlands National Park specifically to protect the five-thousand-year-old etchings and paintings found along the Barrier Creek watercourse at the bottom of Horseshoe, a silent record of an ancient people's presence. At the Great Gallery, dozens of eight-to-ten-foot-high superhumans hover en echelon over groups of indistinct animals, dominating beasts and onlookers alike with their long, dark bodies, broad shoulders, and haunting eyes.

The superbly massive apparitions are the oldest and best examples of their design type in the world, such preeminent specimens that anthropologists have named the heavy and somewhat sinister artistic mode of their creators the "Barrier Creek style. Whatever their intended significance, the mysterious forms are remarkable for their ability to carry a declaration of ego across the millennia and confront the modern observer with the fact that the panels have survived longer and are in better condition than all but the oldest golden artifacts of Western civilization.

This provokes the question: What will remain of today's ostensibly advanced societies five thousand years hence? Section A is the reading assessment and candidates are presented with one of the 10 Anthology non-fiction texts and one thematically linked unseen text. They have 5 questions to answer in Section A: A 2 -mark retrieval question. Lifting and copying two brief and relevant quotes from the unseen text is the skill being assessed in this question. A 4-mark summary question.

Candidates are asked to paraphrase a certain event, character or theme from the unseen text. Students identify five distinct details from the unseen text and use quotations to support their points. A mark extended analytical response on the seen text. Section B is a writing assessment.

Candidates choose between two options, which are normally loosely based on the Section A texts. The text types include a letter, article, speech or leaflet. Both Section A and Section B are equally weighted, worth 45 marks each. Between a Rock and a Hard Place Meaning The title is a crucial part of this extract as it represents both a literal and figurative meaning.

However, some students, especially those in international schools and English as a Second Language pupils, may not have the cultural reference point to decode the idiomatic phrase. As an extension, they can come up with their own scenarios warranting use of the idiomatic expression.

We discuss the trailer after viewing it before moving on to close textual analysis of the text. It is a fairly straightforward extract for students to understand once they know the movie plot — most comprehend the dramatic event. The more challenging skill comes in unpacking how Ralston conveys the experience to the reader. When it comes to closely analysing the text of the extract, there are a few ways of approaching the activity.

You can read and annotate together with students completing the annotations in real time. Alternatively, you can split students into groups and ask each group to focus on a certain paragraph before feeding back to the class. Or you could read and discuss, then ask students to complete the annotations for homework.

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place - Aron Ralston

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