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Forex gwgfx share

forex gwgfx share

Forex is about the movement of Market Orders - Shadowgun FX Lesson 1 Example of Broker MM are GWGFX who failed to pay traders theirprofits and also run. You are permitted to share and sell it to other traders. by you as I mentioned that forex trading is a high risk high return investment. GWGFx | Global Wave Gold Forex | | reviews and. of the most traded currency pairs, indices, shares, and commodities for your. CHAIN LINK ETHEREUM

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Bagaimana dia nak bayar pairing anda? Bayar komisen anda? Tak Logik! Dari segi pembrokeran memang begini, tiadanya dia dapat keuntungan dari deposit, broker forex dapat keuntungan dari trading. Jika tak? Anda tahulah broker anda itu memang skim yang berlindung di sebalik nama broker. Mari saya tanya anda, jika suatu hari, anda bangun tidur, tetapi tiba-tiba website GWGFX tidak boleh buka, server dari Metatrader MT4 down, withdrawal tak clear walaupun sudah banyak hari delay, adakah anda ada tempat untuk mengadu?

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Program sebelum ini yang dah tutup adalah sebijik dan sama ciri-cirinya. Ada fixed return income, return on investment. Ada pairing, levelling seperti MLM. Taja dua orang, pairing akan dapat komisen walaupun orang itu hanya deposit sahaja tanpa trading. Modal anda akan dilock separuh untuk ROI, modal anda tidak boleh withdraw.

Perlu sampai amount-amount tertentu untuk withdraw modal anda. Maknanya ownernya di Malaysia. Withdrawal memakan masa lebih dari 10 hari hari bekerja, tanda program tengah tunggu orang baru untuk join bayar anda. Kenapa saya menulis Artikel ini? Kerana saya kasihan kepada Real Forex Trader, yang bertungkus lumus belajar tentang forex trading, teknikal analisis, fundamental analisis, trade di real broker yang betul, IB yang promote broker betul, promote real broker, dan lain-lain usaha untuk memantapkan dalam bidang forex business ini dipandang serong oleh ramai orang, kerana program-program skim cepat kaya, ponzi skim, moneygame rolling duit orang yang berlindung atas nama forex trader atau forex business yang tak beretika inilah, sedangkan Forex trader atau forex business adalah satu bidang professional di negara-negara luar seperti UK dan US.

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BB is the most widely used volatility-based indicator. Moving average MA is a trend-following or lagging indicator that smooths prices by averaging them in a specified period. In this way, MA can help filter out noise. MA can not only identify the trend direction but also determine potential support and resistance levels TIO It is a trend-following indicator that uses the short and long term exponential moving averages of prices Appel MACD uses the short-term moving average to identify price changes quickly and the long-term moving average to emphasize trends Ozorhan et al.

Rate of change ROC is a momentum oscillator that defines the velocity of the price. This indicator measures the percentage of the direction by calculating the ratio between the current closing price and the closing price of the specified previous time Ozorhan et al. Momentum measures the amount of change in the price during a specified period Colby It is a leading indicator that either shows rises and falls in the price or remains stable when the current trend continues.

Momentum is calculated based on the differences in prices for a set time interval Murphy The relative strength index RSI is a momentum indicator developed by J. Welles Wilder in RSI is based on the ratio between the average gain and average loss, which is called the relative strength RS Ozorhan et al.

RSI is an oscillator, which means its values change between 0 and It determines overbought and oversold levels in the prices. Bollinger bands BB refers to a volatility-based indicator developed by John Bollinger in the s. It has three bands that provide relative definitions of high and low according to the base Bollinger While the middle band is the moving average in a specific period, the upper and lower bands are calculated by the standard deviations in the price, which are placed above and below the middle band.

The distance between the bands depends on the volatility of the price Bollinger ; Ozturk et al. CCI is based on the principle that current prices should be examined based on recent past prices, not those in the distant past, to avoid confusing present patterns Lambert This indicator can be used to highlight a new trend or warn against extreme conditions. Interest and inflation rates are two fundamental indicators of the strength of an economy.

In the case of low interest rates, individuals tend to buy investment tools that strengthen the economy. In the opposite case, the economy becomes fragile. If supply does not meet demand, inflation occurs, and interest rates also increase IRD In such economies, the stock markets have strong relationships with their currencies. The data set was created with values from the period January —January This 5-year period contains data points in which the markets were open.

Table 1 presents explanations for each field in the data set. Monthly inflation rates were collected from the websites of central banks, and they were repeated for all days of the corresponding month to fill the fields in our daily records.

The main structure of the hybrid model, as shown in Fig. These technical indicators are listed below:. Our proposed model does not combine the features of the two baseline LSTMs into a single model. The training phase was carried out with different numbers of iterations 50, , and Our data points were labeled based on a histogram analysis and the entropy approach.

At the end of these operations, we divided the data points into three classes by using a threshold value:. Otherwise, we treated the next data point as unaltered. This new class enabled us to eliminate some data points for generating risky trade orders.

This helped us improve our results compared to the binary classification results. In addition to the decrease and increase classes, we needed to determine the threshold we could use to generate a third class—namely, a no-action class—corresponding to insignificant changes in the data. Algorithm 1 was used to determine the upper bound of this threshold value. The aim was to prevent exploring all of the possible difference values and narrow the search space. We determined the count of each bin and sorted them in descending order.

Then, the maximum difference value of the last bin added was used as the upper bound of the threshold value. As can be seen in Algorithm 1, it has two phases. In the first phase, which simply corresponds to line 2, the whole data set is processed linearly to determine the distributions of the differences, using a simple histogram construction function. The second phase is depicted in detail, corresponding to the rest of the algorithm. The threshold value should be determined based on entropy.

Entropy is related to the distribution of the data. To get balanced distribution, we calculated the entropy of class distribution in an iterative way for each threshold value up until the maximum difference value. However, we precalculated the threshold of the upper bound value and used it instead of the maximum difference value. Algorithm 2 shows the details of our approach. In Algorithm 2, to find the best threshold, potential threshold values are attempted with increments of 0.

Dropping the maximum threshold value is thus very important in order to reduce the search space. Then, the entropy value for this distribution is calculated. At the end of the while loop, the distribution that gives the best entropy is determined, and that distribution is used to determine the increase, decrease, and no-change classes.

In our experiments, we observed that in most cases, the threshold upper bound approach significantly reduced the search space i. For example, in one case, the maximum difference value was 0. In this case, the optimum threshold value was found to be 0.

The purpose of this processing is to determine the final class decision. If the predictions of the two models are different, we choose for the final decision the one whose prediction has higher probability. This is a type of conservative approach to trading; it reduces the number of trades and favors only high-accuracy predictions. Measuring the accuracy of the decisions made by these models also requires a new approach. If that is the case, then the prediction is correct, and we treat this test case as the correct classification.

We introduced a new performance metric to measure the success of our proposed method. We can interpret this metric such that it gives the ratio of the number of profitable transactions over the total number of transactions, defined using Table 2. In the below formula, the following values are used:.

After applying the labeling algorithm, we obtained a balanced distribution of the three classes over the data set. This algorithm calculates different threshold values for each period and forms different sets of class distributions. For predictions of different periods, the thresholds and corresponding number of data points explicitly via training and test sets in each class are calculated, as shown in Table 3.

This table shows that the class distributions of the training and test data have slightly different characteristics. While the class decrease has a higher ratio in the training set and a lower ratio in the test set, the class increase shows opposite behavior. This is because a split is made between the training and test sets without shuffling the data sets to preserve the order of the data points.

We used the first days of this data to train our models and the last days to test them. If one of these is predicted, a transaction is considered to be started on the test day ending on the day of the prediction 1, 3, or 5 days ahead. Otherwise, no transaction is started. A transaction is successful and the traders profit if the prediction of the direction is correct. For time-series data, LSTM is typically used to forecast the value for the next time point.

It can also forecast the values for further time points by replacing the output value with not the next time point value but the value for the chosen number of data points ahead. This way, during the test phase, the model predicts the value for that many time points ahead. However, as expected, the accuracy of the forecast usually diminishes as the distance becomes longer. They defined it as an n-step prediction as follows:. They performed experiments for 1, 3, and 5 days ahead.

In their experiments, the accuracy of the prediction decreased as n became larger. We also present the number of total transactions made on test data for each experiment. Accuracy results are obtained for transactions that are made.

For each experiment, we performed 50, , , and iterations in the training phases to properly compare different models. The execution times of the experiments were almost linear with the number of iterations. For our data set, using a typical high-end laptop MacBook Pro, 2. As seen in Table 4 , this model shows huge variance in the number of transactions. Additionally, the average predicted transaction number is For this LSTM model, the average predicted transaction number is The results for this model are shown in Table 6.

The average predicted transaction number is One major difference of this model is that it is for iterations. For this test case, the accuracy significantly increased, but the number of transactions dropped even more significantly. In some experiments, the number of transactions is quite low. Basically, the total number of decrease and increase predictions are in the range of [8, ], with an overall average of When we analyze the results for one-day-ahead predictions, we observe that although the baseline models made more transactions Table 8 presents the results of these experiments.

One significant observation concerns the huge drop in the number of transactions for iterations without any increase in accuracy. Furthermore, the variance in the number of transactions is also smaller; the average predicted transaction number is There is a drop in the number of transactions for iterations but not as much as with the macroeconomic LSTM. The results for this model are presented in Table However, the case with iterations is quite different from the others, with only 10 transactions out of a possible generating a very high profit accuracy.

On average, this value is However, all of these cases produced a very small number of transactions. When we compare the results, similar to the one-day-ahead cases, we observe that the baseline models produced more transactions more than The results of these experiments are shown in Table Table 13 shows the results of these experiments.

Again, the case of iterations shows huge differences from the other cases, generating less than half the number of the lowest number of transactions generated by the others. Table 14 shows the results of these experiments. Meanwhile, the average predicted transaction number is However, the case of iterations is not an exception, and there is huge variance among the cases. From the five-days-ahead prediction experiments, we observe that, similar to the one-day- and three-days-ahead experiments, the baseline models produced more transactions more than This extended data set has data points, which contain increases and decreases overall.

Applying our labeling algorithm, we formed a data set with a balanced distribution of three classes. Table 16 presents the statistics of the extended data set. Below, we report one-day-, three-days-, and five-days-ahead prediction results for our hybrid model based on the extended data. The average the number of predictions is The total number of generated transactions is in the range of [2, 83].

Some cases with iterations produced a very small number of transactions. The average number of transactions is Table 19 shows the results for the five-days-ahead prediction experiments. Interestingly, the total numbers predictions are much closer to each other in all of the cases compared to the one-day- and three-days-ahead predictions. These numbers are in the range of [59, 84]. On average, the number of transactions is Table 20 summarizes the overall results of the experiments. However, they produced 3.

In these experiments, there were huge differences in terms of the number of transactions generated by the two different LSTMs. As in the above case, this higher accuracy was obtained by reducing the number of transactions to Moreover, the hybrid model showed an exceptional accuracy performance of Also, both were higher than the five-days-ahead predictions, by 5.

The number of transactions became higher with further forecasting, for It is difficult to form a simple interpretation of these results, but, in general, we can say that with macroeconomic indicators, more transactions are generated. The number of transactions was less in the five-days-ahead predictions than in the one-day and three-day predictions. The transaction number ratio over the test data varied and was around These results also show that a simple combination of two sets of indicators did not produce better results than those obtained individually from the two sets.

Hybrid model : Our proposed model, as expected, generated much higher accuracy results than the other three models. Moreover, in all cases, it generated the smallest number of transactions compared to the other models The main motivation for our hybrid model solution was to avoid the drawbacks of the two different LSTMs i.

Some of these transactions were generated with not very good signals and thus had lower accuracy results. Contoh fxdd fxcm ibfx instafx ikofx dan bangyak lagi broker2 yg ada di planet bumi ini. GWG pulak mengamal kan sistema bloqueio dan mendapat keuntungan 10 hgga 15 sebulan.

GWGFX pulak sebuah corretor yg margem nya tdk di bloqueio mendapat keuntungan drp jumlah keuntungan trading forex setiap akaun yg di laburkan dgn jumlah min pelaburan usd Jika anda ingin terlibat oleh sesuatu perniagaan saya menganggap sesebuah pelaburan modal perlulah di lock dan tdk boleh di usik. Adakah modal atau margem itu boleh dikembalikan sekelip mata Jawapannya tidak anda Hanya akan memdapat ROI atau pulangan keuntungan melalui keuntungan drp pernigaan tersebut. Seperti dlm bidang forex jika anda meletakkan RMk sebagai modal permulaan adakah anda mengambil modal tersbut dlm sekelip matajawapan nya ya..

GWG mengamalkan sistem lock modal dan memberi pulangan keuntungan drp hasil trading dan keuntungan syarikat sendiri 10 sebulan.. Faham apa itu perniagaan dan apa itu forex. Ada ulama kata haram. Ada ulama halal. Dlm islam di Panggil.. Kita org awam ni. Ikut saja.

Bukan forex saja. Ulama berbeda pendapat byk perkara. Spt solat. Trocadilho perkedaan pendurado. Cth lain. Kita Ikut saja la. Kalau saya. Saya ikut kata ulama yg kata Halal ikut Ulama juga. Dan saya bukan guna swap ke beli tunai. Bukan teka teka. Mcm org principal judi saya belajar.

Guna ilmu pengetahuan. Tuhan Maha Mengetahui Ulama yg kata Haram.. Pastu saya fikirkan. BETUL ke alasan mereka. Betul ke mereka faham perkara ni. Atau sekadar dengar dengar dari org lain saja. Ulama yg kata TAK haram pun kita dengar, apa hujah hujah alasan mereka.. Boleh buat perbanDingan. Sebab mereka ni kedua dua Ulama. Org yg Ahli dlm bidang agama cuma. Kita boleh kaji. Kalau org kata kat saya.

Tanya Saya. Napa masih berniaga forex senang je saya jwb. Ulama kata TAK haram. Kalau di Akhirat trocadilho Jika di tanya. Saya jwb mcm tu juga. Sama saja. Saya ada ikuti juga.

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Dari artikel berkenaan, ramai yang melibatkan diri dengan GWGFX melenting dan memberi tohmahan dan kutukan kepada saya dengan amat biadab.

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