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Geoinvesting llc

geoinvesting llc

GeoInvesting is a new magazine that will provide customers with a FREE inside look into GeoInvesting's research coverage, microcap stock education. Maj Soueidan Co-founder GeoInvesting, LLC. Add Photo. Map. Township Line Rd. Ste Skippack, PA Directions. Well, he was talking about a stock idea we are sharing with GeoInvesting premium members that we currently believe is a multi-bagger waiting to be found by. KEN CALHOUN FOREX CHARTS

Looking forward to learning more from you and the GeoInvesting team. I am glad that I was able to join GeoInvesting. Microcaps are one of the very few niches where a retail investor can do well, and your service looks sincere and solid. I learnt to know about it from a podcast interview with Nate Tobik and Fred Rockwell. I've bought a small bucket of stocks that are in the portfolios but haven't run up yet.

From now on I will focus on the daily morning newsletters and add something new that looks promising. I'm grateful that you make the information available through e-mail and not only through Twitter. We do our best to disclose why we make our investment decisions. We generally release about one CTA per week. Model Portfolios Model portfolios focus on specific proven strategies to help us substantially outperform the market.

We employ several different themed approaches to manage risk and provide focus on what we believe are our best ideas. Our Insights. Well, I predict that this discrepancy will not last for long. That is why I have taken a big bullish bet in the stock. I will get to why I think this stock will increase to several times of its current price in a moment. In fact, MNST has been the best performing stock of the last century.

Like the stock I am about to pitch to you, all the four stocks mentioned above were turn arounds and yes, unloved microcaps. Even in a conservative case, say you bought them right around the same price where our target stock is trading — at around 1 dollar.

The good news is that I believe that our stock pick just reached an inflection point in its turnaround. As an investor or consumer, I think what I am going to talk to you about before I talk about my stock pitch will make perfect sense to you. First, these four companies all had great brand identity. I love investing in great brands because not only do investors eventually find them, but everyday consumers often will invest in them, helping to prop up their stock prices. Second, they were all turn around, or come-back stories.

Turnaround stories are great because many investors will ignore them early on, inviting you to buy shares at extremely cheap prices. Third, they all operate in the healthy lifestyle industry, one that is getting a long-term growth tailwind from COVID The brand has been around for 23 years, is sold in over countries, has nearly 1. In fact, my personal trainer raves about their products and actually bought the stock after I spent more time pitching it to him than performing leg presses during an hour workout session!

However, the company could not generate profits, and losses were accelerating, driving the stock to under 20 cents by early Luckily, in November , the company appointed a new CEO who happened to be a fitness enthusiast and investor in the company. So, the new CEO made a bold decision based on a eureka moment.

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