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Betting action public

betting action public

Who Does the Public Like? The following feature monitors wagering activity at many of the largest online sportsbooks. These "betting percentages" represent. I don't think that's true on Action Network. The big Sportsbooks all send out press releases with the percentage of bets and money on each side and the. his is the percentage of wagers placed by the general betting public. ETHER AND BITCOIN CORRELATION

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The money percentage obviously tells you which side the money is on, and can give you a better picture of who the sharper bettors are siding with. What Are Bet Percentages? Tickets are just a term used for all the bets placed — when you make a bet, a ticket is created. To get the bet percentage, you look at all the bets placed regardless of the amount of money risked on each one , again, sorting first by the type of bet, and then look at the percentage of tickets on each side of the game.

As mentioned, ticket percentage does not consider the amount risked on each ticket, and just counts each bet placed. In order to calculate this, just subtract their bet percentage from their money percentage. The answer changes from season to season. In , betting against the public resulted in a winning record but because of the juice usually it was not profitable. With a standard vig, bettors need to win Last year, betting against the public only resulted in a What percentage of NFL favorites cover the spread?

The Panthers, who were It was the third time Brady has lost outright as a double-digit favorite in three seasons with the Buccaneers. He lost six times as a double-digit favorite in his 19 seasons with the New England Patriots. There was some money on the Panthers to pull the upset, just not much.

The bulk of the action, though -- including from some professional bettors -- was on the Buccaneers. Multiple Las Vegas sportsbooks reported taking large Super Bowl bets on the Buccaneers at odds upwards of on March What a coincidence. That was concerning, for sure, and it still is.

The Bucs may not win the Super Bowl this year or even make the playoffs but having to guard against situations like that is always concerning. That's the job. The Raiders, Jets and Giants covering the spread were positive results for the betting public, which needed everything it could get after last week's wipeout.

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Interpreting Public Betting Percentages on a Live Odds Screen (Beginner)

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